Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is Verizon Fios better? I think not!

Okay so here is the problem, I don't like Verizon Fios! There I said it. The two cable companies around here are Comcast and Verizon. When we lived on Fort Meade we had Comcast, we only had a few problems, and that was mainly because the wiring in our house was messed up and out dated.

When we had to get cable for our new house Jeremy wanted to go with Verizon just to try it out (he thought it would be better). I didn't want to, because it seemed like more money to me. In the end though Jeremy won (big surprise).

Now we both hate it and want to switch back. One of the problems is, we don't get the same channels that we use to get on Comcast. We have the Digital Preferred, which is the same package we had with Comcast, but we don't get the History Channel or Discovery Health, (there are more, I just don't know them off the top of my head) and we did with Comcast.

Also for some odd reason they kept sending our bill to our Fort Meade address. So when we finally got our mail all squared, and everything sent to our new address, we called Verizon to change the address. Jeremy was on the phone for 80 mins, after getting transferred 9 time, and finally getting to the right department (maybe), they were closed because it was after business hours. So we had to call back another day, by this time we were both ready to cancel. So Jeremy called again, and this time after only getting transferred 5 times, we found out, if we were to cancel it would be 350 dollars!! So not cool! So now we are stuck with them, of the next 2 years (fun!).

The crazy thing is, we really don't watch that much tv. Jeremy and I only like a few shows, which are.... The Biggest Loser, Mythbusters, 19 Kids and Counting, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and Star Trek. He likes Lost, but I don't care for that, and I like Bones, but he doesn't care for that. So in reality all we really need is... NBC, ABC, FOX, Discovery, TLC, SyFy, and Nick (for the kids), that's all, so I keep thinking, "If only there was a cable company that let to choose the channels you wanted and only those channels, and it would be like a dollar per channel per month." Right? Wouldn't that be great? Wishful thinking right? I just hate flipping through all of those channels, and finding nothing I like, and I just find it useless, when I just end up watching the same old shows I always watch.


  1. paying the 350once gives them a lot less money than keeping the contract for the next two years. esp if they suck. love ya!