Monday, July 23, 2012

Legates' nightly event :)

I'm writing this post to share an awesome game with you guys. This game is so awesome that we play it every night (just about). It's our new favorite!



It's an awesome game it which you are all munchkins, and your goal is to get to level 10. To do that you need to defeat monsters and use cards. The best way to learn how to play, is to watch this video (thanks again Wil Wheaton)...

In this game when you come across a monster that is to hard for you, you can ask your friends (or in our case family) for help, and if a monster is to easy for you, those same friends can make it harder.

Although we play it most every night, I have only won twice (I'm not kidding). Jeremy, my lovely husband wins most of the time. Now this would make you think... "Well if you and the boys would start ganging up on him, then maybe he would lose." and yes that is true, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I don't like being mean to people, and I love him so much (yeah that's really not helping me right now).

We bought this game right after seeing the TableTop episode (the very same video up there). Thanks to TableTop we have a long list of games that we now want. I think it's great though, more family time.

One thing that all of you parents should know is (if you buy the game). Their is one card that has a bad word on it. We just ended up taking that one card out of the game. This does not effect the game play in anyway what so ever, because in Munchkin you can add and take away any number of cards, and kind of play it your own way. You can also make up your own cards :)

This is what we came up with

This was Zachary's idea (all of us love pirates)

This was Darien's idea (we are big Mario fans)

This was Nathaniel idea

This was my idea (Lame-O-Potato is one of our favorite phases in the Legates house)

The game was easy enough that it only took the kids a few times watching to catch on.

They love this game :0)

So if you don't have this game, then you need to go out and get it right now... (are you going? right now?)... You also need to start watching TableTop (on youtube), if you haven't already.

Thank you :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

It's has been weeks!

I want to first start off and apologize for the gap in post. Things have been pretty normal round here, very hooo hummm. The good news is things are less stressful and easier than my last post (sorry about that). So I'll tell you what we've been up to.

The boys started swim classes at the YMCA. They are really excited to go (every time), and they are doing great. Their teacher just told me today that they are very entertaining in the class, and that he always looks forward to seeing them. Wow (makes this mommy smile)! During the boys' class Olivia and I swim in the other pool. She can be a handful! She thinks she can already swim, and she doesn't want me to hang on to her. The problem is of course, she can't swim, and so she sinks. I pull her back up, and she kicks to be free again. Once she turns 3 I'll have to put her in a class as well (If only to just get a break, although I'm sure she'll do well).

The weather here has been hotter than normal (about 74), and it has been raining less. As a result of this our neighbor hood has put in sprinklers (??? I don't see why). Okay so I guess they are worried the grass might dye, but I don't think that would ever happen (not in this state). I think it a waste of money. All of the locals here think it's to hot, and they complaining and stay inside with their AC (we ourselves don't have any AC, and I don't think we need it). Yes it's 74 (with very little humidity), and the poor east coat is going through a crazy heat wave where it was in the 100s, but no "it's soooo hot here" (  :P  ). I'm enjoying the weather, I think it's great. When it's nice like this, we (the kids and I), go for long walks, and explore our neighbor hood.

I also just ordered my Homeschool books for next year (YAY), well the rest, the ones that I didn't already have. It's really exciting for me, and this is our 3rd year. Woo hoo! The kids are doing better now with their summer school work and they are just doing great all around. Olivia can now say "Pokemon", yeah she loves to hang out with her brothers. She is talking a lot, and working on telling us things that she needs (much better than fussing). I'm really glad, and she is getting so big (a little part of me is sad about it though, yeah no surprise there).

Well I think that's all, I just didn't want to guys to think that I was just giving up on the whole blogging thing. Thanks for reading! :)