Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day off...

This is not about me having a day off, no that is unheard of. This is about Zachary's day off. He has today and tomorrow off, so that leaves him to tag along with Nathaniel, Olivia, and Me. Darien was very jealous, and wanted to know why only the kindergartners got the two days off. I told him that parent teacher conferences were going on, and they just wanted to give them the time off. So today Zachary came along with us, and it made things more interesting, but in a good way. Zach likes to talk, and ask very interesting questions. He can think of the most goofy things at random times.

We were walking out of the clinic on Fort Meade, I had just gotten my prescription refilled, and he heard a car radio. He asked "Mommy why do other people's music sound different from what we listen to?" and I said "Because everyone likes different things." (also my taste in music isn't the most popular, but I didn't say that) (not many people can listen to switchfoot and classic rock all day long, and be perfectly happy, but whatever.) Then he said "But not cake! Everyone likes cake!" Yup that's right everyone (EVERYONE) likes cake, and if you don't then you're just weird (Very weird!). Then he totally switched subjects and said "When I grow up, I want to be a daddy, and Nathaniel and Darien are going to do that to." Yup awww, that's so cute, but then Nathaniel cut in and said "Hey I'm not going to be a dad! I'm going to be a kid." Haha! Yup Nathaniel has a mind of his own, and won't let anyone make it up for him. Good for him!

After the clinic we had to go to a parent teacher conference, and on the way I stopped by McDonalds, so I could get a Frappe (yum), and I got the boys each a hash brown. And this brought up the question "Why are McDonalds' hash browns big, and Burger King's little?" and "What are hash browns made of?" Yup it's important to know.

After the conference, we went home and got lunch. I gave them a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some yogurt. Then this led to the question "Is this yogurt vanilla or strawberry?" and I said "It's both, (it was both) they mixed it together just for you." then he said, "Oh well can I have just strawberry tomorrow, and not both?"

Yup and there is still more of the day to come. Silly Zach, I love you.


  1. I miss Zachary! He is such a cutie, Olivia looks like her momma!!

  2. Thank goodness one of them does. We miss you too!

  3. i read alot of your blog, very interesting, it makes me want to start one.. i really enjoyed it and i wish you all the best..

  4. Thanks, and you should start one, then I could hear about your adventures!