Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh for the love of cats

Link! The Hero of time...

Wielder of the Master Sword...

And keeper of the triforce of Courage!

There was a time not too long ago, when I would have not considered myself a cat person. Sure I liked cats a little, but I didn't really have one growing up, and I didn't see myself ever owning one, but about 2 years ago, my son Darien started asking for one. He must have been talking to some of his friends at school, his friends that had cats. He really like the idea, and when he asked, I then brought it up with Jeremy. We decided, that if he showed his responsibility with Samson (our dog), that we could get him a cat. About 2 weeks later we had decided it was time, and Darien was ready, and we started looking. We found an add for free kittens, there were 6 of them 2 boys and 4 girls, so we called and went. It was mother's day. The Mom cat was calico, and the kittens were all different colors. I asked Darien if he wanted a boy or girl, and of course he said boy, and then from the 2 boys he picked out our wonderful cat Link. He's a beautiful white and Orange Tabby. We picked out his name in the car, Link is named after our (the kids and mine), favorite video game character. In the video game Link is the Hero of time. Link was such a sweet kitten, he loved to sleep with me, all curled up by my neck. I started to fall in-love with him. Yup and it happened, I became a cat person. His is still a wonderful cat, and I love him dearly, we have now had him for 2 years, and I have loved every minute of it. He is great with Samson and his new sister Midna (who was adopted in August). He has always been good with the kids, if he needs time away from them, then he just leaves the room.

I wanted to write about him, because I am thankful for him. When we were looking for a cat, we asked God to send us a wonderful cat, and He did.

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