Thursday, June 18, 2015

True friendship is a beautiful gift from God :)

Once again I was lucky enough to see my friend Jessica, yes she visited me back in February, when we were still in Washington. Well this time she came here to Utah, for a whole week. It was wonderful.

You know when you have someone, someone who knows a lot about you, who loves and accepts you just the way that you are? For me that's Jessica. The most beautiful thing about it is, we don't always agree on everything and we like different things, but we don't care. That must be true friendship, because if it isn't, than I don't know what is.

So what did we do all week? Well... We did some hiking, played some minecraft (she's not to bad for a beginner), watched some Anime, went to the water park, did some shopping, watched some Mythbusters (because they are awesome), and sometimes we just hung out and talked.

I didn't find out she was able to come until two weeks ago. Once I found out I was of course over the moon, but not just because my best friend/sister was coming, no that wasn't all, she was going to be here in just a week, and she was staying for a week. The jumps for joy and  the running around the house shouting "Aunt Jessie is coming", were just the beginning of my expressions of delight. I think I may have driven my husband nuts all of that week, but at least he came home to a clean house near the end of it.

I got to drive to Salt Lake city airport for the first time, and it was very easy to get to. I really love it when that happens. From the map it looks like it's laid out very similar to Sea-Tac, but when you actually get there, you realize it's not. That's okay though, I was only lost in the airport for a minute until I got where I needed to be to meet her. Once her plane had landed I told the kids, that the first one to spot her wins. Darien won :P, but not by much. We nearly knocked her over, but I don't think she minded.

Having her here was just like the good old days back in San Diego. The inside jokes, the helping hand that insisted on doing something, the awesome conversations, and the discussing and watching of our shared interests (Anime, Star Trek, Dr Who, Mythbusters... you know all of the good stuff).

Dropping her back off at the end of the week was hard, but not as hard as I thought it would be. I know (but mostly hope) that it won't be long until I see here again.

All in all, you are awesome Jessica! Don't you ever change!