Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Well where have you been?

Hey everyone! Yes it's me... I have been a little busy (to busy to post apparently). Yes I know it's been like 13 days.

So what have I been up to? Well first off I had a busy father's day weekend... See we celebrated father's day a day early in our house, because we were going to be gone all of Sunday visiting others. I got Jeremy the Vizio sound bar (oh I'm sorry, the kids got him the sound bar) ;). There is an interesting story behind this. See last Sunday (the 12th) (I think), I let him get a new tv... Now I say I let him, because I have been really fighting this issue for a while, because I felt like our tv was fine, and looked great, and that we didn't need a new one. Yes Jeremy is the man of the house, and he does make the money, which is why me saying "let him buy one" sounds weird, and not right. See if it were up to me, we would still have that small 19in we had when we got married, and I would be just fine with that, and not care what everyone else had. Jeremy on the other hand... I sometimes think it's a guy thing, but then again I have met some girls like that (girls that also think you need the best tv), so I don't know. My thoughts are a tv is great as long as it works (right?... I mean as long as you can see the picture, than you're good right?) We got another Vizio, it was not 3D, but it was better than our other tv (I'm not sure how... completely... It does look better). It was for a great price at Walmart. When we were there we also saw that they had a great price on the sound bar. Jeremy has been wanting surround sound again for a while now.

We had it back when we lived in VA, and I hated it. Wires EVERYWHERE! It was a pain to set up (yes I was being nice, and helped), and I just thought it looked tacky. When we moved to CA, right after we got there Jeremy deployed for 4 months, and I unpacked, and set up everything... Yeah I did not have the patience for that thing... So I didn't bother with it, and at one point I believe it all got thrown away (oops!). Well it's really not a girly thing... Or at least I don't think it is, so it's not up on our priority list.

Anyways he really wanted the Vizio sound bar, and I really didn't... I did like that it was wireless (YAY), but I thought, that we had already spent enough that day. Well apparently Jeremy had planted the seed in my mind, that he needed one of these. He didn't mention it anymore, but 4 days later I feel like "I have to get this for Jeremy for father's day." Yeah where did that come from (I still don't know). And because he planted the seed he already knew he was getting it, because he really wasn't surprised to see the big box waiting down stairs, come Saturday morning. Well at least he loves it, and I like it okay.

Father's day we went to 2 dinners (yeah wow). One at my parents' house, and one at Jeremy's Aunt Mary's house. It was a busy day for us, and keeping track of Olivia at these things is so much fun (oh the joys of being a mom to a small toddler). I spent most of the time chasing after her (at both). One of these days, I hope to be able to sit down, and have normal grown-up conversations with my friends and family (yes some day I will).

Oh and I joined a gym... (yay...), so lets hope this helps. Now that I am done having babies, I'm going to re-claim my body (it's mine!). So far I have been twice, today and yesterday, both at 5am.... EEK! Yeah I don't really like that hour either, but if I don't go at that time, then I don't get a chance to go at all. I'll keep you updated on how it all goes.

Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Zachary's birthday, Mommy relief, and my week so far...

This is going to be a 3 part post, so bear with me.

Happy Birthday Zachary!

Zachary's 7th birthday was Saturday! Yay for Zach. I can't believe how big he is getting.

Yes I know once again, I didn't post on his birthday. I think the problem is, it's harder for me to find time to post on a weekend. Yes I'm blaming it on the calender. :) My kids are getting so big... why are they doing that?

We got him a dart gun, and the game Operation. We took him to Subway for lunch, and made Pizza for dinner. He picked chocolate cupcakes with strawberry for his cake. YUM!

Down in the Mommy dumps?

Does this ever happen to you? You are busy, your husband is busy, you haven't been able to see any of your friends for a while, and you can't seem to find any time for yourself? ... Yeah I think this happens to all of us, and yes that means me. See last week was kind of a ruff week. I was busy with house work and starting the kids on some summer school work. Jeremy was extra busy at work, doing the things he needs to do. I had been missing church do to my busyness, and in turn I didn't get to see anyone. Also, not to mention, now that summer is almost here I have started to wear my summer clothes and have noticed that I put on a couple of pounds during the long crazy winter, and that didn't make me feel much better. Do you ever put something on and ask yourself... "Hey didn't this use to fit better?" Yeah I'm so with you there, and it's just not fair. So I was feeling a little lonely, because I missed my friends (including the ones that live so far away... Why did we have to leave each other :(... it's just not fair), and my husband (working late is not fun). I was also feeling down, because of the extra pounds, and because of the lack of time to myself. My kids are awesome! I think they are the best kids a mom could ever have, but they do keep me busy, and I'm only human (I have to tell myself this to make me feel better).

So on Thursday night Jeremy noticed that I wasn't myself, and after the kids went to bed, he confronted me about it... Long story short, he let me cry on his shoulder (which was very nice of him). He just listed to my troubles and told me that I was not fat, and that things will slow down soon.

Friday night the church was having this Lady's night in. We were going to watch a movie, eat pizza, and just hang out. It was just what I needed. I took my friend Trudy, and we both had a really good time...
I get home and husband had a couple surprises for me...

1. His mother wants to take the boys for the week (nice!)
2. He planed a weekend trip for the two of us (only), to take in August, to Ocean City (his mom is going to watch them again... Yeah super nice!)

Gotta hand to him, he hears my problems and he solved them. :)... How cool is that?

My week without the boys

Well so far it has been really quiet (thank you so much Jeremy's Mom). I have been catching up on Laundry (mostly washing sheets). When nap times come around I get a chance to read, and watch movies. This morning however I did have a nice little surprise waiting for me. Olivia thought it was a good idea to take her diaper off, and poop in her crib (it was lovely). So first thing this morning she got a bath, and I had to wash her sheets again. So far though that has been the only eventful thing... I like this... Yeah I'm just living it up right now... No worries by the end of the week, I'll miss the boys, and want them back :).

Thanks for reading.