Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

Today is a day of cleaning. Yup the whole house needs it. I'm trying not to get distracted... That's why I'm on here (yeah right... everyone desires a break). On the bright side most of the house is done. We were able (when I say we I mean the boys and I. The boys are great helpers) to clean the playroom, living room, kitchen, and Darien's room. All that is left is my room, the baby's room, and the bath rooms. I also need to finish the laundry (not fun). So far the boys (all of them) have moved up 2 spots on the treasure chart. They can be very helpful. So it's no secret that I'm not the best house keeper, and I don't really try to be. I just have different priorities, so I'm not saying anything agents people who put their effort towards that (I actually admire them), I'm just not one of those people.

In my post yesterday I forgot to mention that I have a new Nintendo 3DS, (Jeremy has one too) and it's awesome! I got Lego Star Wars the Clone Wars with it, and so far it's a great game. The 3D is great, and if it becomes to much you are able to turn it off, or adjust it. Just like the Wii you can make you own Mii's, but with the 3DS there is something called the Mii plaza, where if you come in contact with another 3DS your Mii will meet their Mii, and that helps you out in Mii challenges. So far I've met Jeremy's Mii 4 times, and one other random Mii. I had to get my Military ID renewed, and my DS was in my purse, so my Mii met some random guy's Mii, who was most likely in the waiting area. The 3DS also comes with a pedometer and for every 100 steps you take, you get a free coin. You can spend the coins in the challenges and in your games (yes I love it).

Okay so I really need to get back to work. Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Life is like a bowl of what?

Hey everyone! So it's time once again for a "what is going on post." Well let me see... What have we been up to lately? Well lately it's been a whole lot of planning, because I have a lot of things coming up...

See this is what my calender looks like. (there is a glare on the 15th covering up stuff!) Most of the time this calender is very bare, and only has one or two things on it, but not this month (or months, it has from march 28 to May 1 on it). We are currently planning for a Curriculum fair on the 15th and 16th of April, this is where all of us homeschool moms come to sell and buy gently used books (it's awesome!). The 16th is also the date of my little sister's junior prom (wow she is growing up so fast). So that day is going to be a bit of a juggling act. I have been looking forward to this curriculum fair for months now (yeah that just sounds silly, but it's true) and I'm going with my friend Megan. I also look forward to doing my sister's hair for her big school dances and such. In other worlds I need to do both or else. Ahhh yes life is full of times like this. I am also in the middle of planning our trip to the Outer Banks (I can't wait to go!). There is a lot to plan when it comes to trips (I'm sure you guys all know that), and with this one I also need to plan food, because we are going to be staying at an actual house and it would be easier to eat there for most meals. Our plan is to bring things for all of the breakfast and lunch, and about half of the dinners, because I know we will want to eat out some. We also have Jeremy's sister and parents coming with us, so yes lots to plan. We are all looking forward to it, and can't wait! (the excitement is radiating all through that house). :) 

I just finished report cards for this term! The boys love report cards because they get money for good grades. A=$5, B=$2, and C and on is nothing, but if you get straight A's then you get an extra $5. Zachary got straight A's (woohoo!), and Darien had mostly A's and only one B (needless to say I was very happy, and so was Jeremy). The school work is now almost done, we are running out of work to do. Right now Darien only has Math and Health to finish (yes everything else is done), and Zachary only has Math. I got them some work booklets for the summer months called Bridging the gap (they do in-between like from 1st to 2nd grade, and 3rd to 4th). I may need to use them soon. I don't want then to have to long of a break, and forget to many things.

I went Easter shopping the other day (I love to do that). I brought my kids lovely outfits for Easter Sunday (I do this every year).

 Yeah I love them (and the kids in them too). I got them at Burlington (I love to shop there).

Even the boys were really excited to get something new, and they look great. I like to get the shirt and the tie together, you get a better deal that way, and it's already matched so no worries. I just picked out a few in each of their sizes and let them pick their favorite from those. I must say that for boys they do have good taste. The shirts (w/ tie), only cost me $9.99 each (I love that!). Olivia's dress was $14.99, and yes the boys also helped me with that one (they said that she had to have the prettiest dress there).

I've changed things a bit with the cloth diapers (not much mind you). I have been using both the pocket and the pre-folds. I had to stop with the pre-fold before because of a rash, but I have now found that if I switch back and forth, that there is no rash and I don't have to do laundry as often (yeah for me!). I have also switched to cloth wipes. I didn't however buy them from the website (way to expensive). I just bought a few packs of baby wash cloths, and made up my own spray, with just soap and water (much better) :)

That's all for now, and thanks for reading.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

It's my favorite video game! I love it! I have played it over and over again so many times, and now my oldest son Darien is playing it through for the first time. It's funny to watch! He is doing it all by himself with out any help or hints from me. He finished the Dodongo's cavern yesterday... for the third time (he kept forgetting to save the game, because he is so use to auto saving games). He knows where most things are because he has watched me play it so many times, and even though he knows I won't tell him where to find anything else, he still asks. The other day he was in the Kokiri Village gathering up all of the chickens for the little red haired girl and he only had one chicken left, but he couldn't find it. "Mom I can't find where that last chicken is." (and no response from me) "Is it near the windmill?" (and no response from me) "Should I go and look there?" (once again no response from me). He ended up just giving up on the chickens altogether. Zelda is one of those games where you need to think and figure your way though it, and sometimes you have to do it by trial and error, and I told him it's better if you do it by yourself, after all I had to my first time around.

This makes me think of the time I only let my kids play old games (to teach them a lesson, so to say). This happened about a year ago. I was cleaning up the living room when I noticed a broken game. It must have gotten left out and then stepped on. With most games costing $50, needless to say I was not happy. All they had to do was put it away and this would have ever happened. So I did what any mom would have done. I took away the video games, for 3 weeks. Then I did something out of the ordinary... After the 3 weeks I told them that they could only play the games that were on the system already. (we have a wii, and I was referring to the games that were downloaded from the wii shop). The only games they could play were... Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 3, Donkey Kong Country, and Bubble Bobble (I know I'm really mean). I told them that now they don't have to worry about leaving these games out, because they don't come out. This went on for another 3 weeks... Darien and Nathaniel gave up after some time, because "the games are too hard," but Zachary was the only one determined enough to master some of them, and that was funny, and made the other two even more mad. I think it did them good to have to go through that. It showed them how easy they have it now days with their auto save, and 3D adventures. Lucky kids!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So what's up Legates'?

So it has been some time since my last real post of what we have been up to lately, so some of you may be wondering what is going on with us. Well for the most part it's just the normal things...


My husband is due to re-enlist soon, as long as everything works out well. We really want to go the way God is pointing us, and that still isn't clear yet, so even though I tell you guys these things, I still don't know for sure. This also makes me think where are we going to go next?

The selfish part of me would like to pick somewhere warmer. Yeah I'm sure you all are guessing San Diego. I would love to go back there, but I'm still not sure about that, and I have gone back and forth on this. I guess it's better if I'm not the one to make the choice, because I really don't know what I want.

I am also afraid about the people I may have offended, by talking about the move so casually and without much feeling. What I mean is there are people here (in this area) who care about us, and don't want us to leave, and I hope they don't think that I'm looking forward to leaving, because I'm not. I just knew that we are going to have to leave so I have detached my feelings, and it makes me sound as if I don't take, and I do. I'm very sorry. Shore duty is only a three year rotation, and even if he didn't re-enlist, the chances of us staying here are slim, because of job availability. So I always knew that we would only be here for 3 years (most likely). Since I knew this for a fact, and I've known this for quite some time, I guess I just assumed that everyone else knew as well (basically I forgot who I told, and who I apparently didn't tell) (yeah okay oops). I've been talking so much with my friends of where I would like to go, and looking back it makes it look like I want to go. Trust me when I say, that if we could stay then we would, as much as I hate the weather here, my family is here and I do wish I could stay for them. I also really dislike moving, but I have no choice. No choice, so yeah once again, I'm very sorry.

This may bring up the question of "Why did you guys buy a house here then?", well our plans for the house extend our time here, and we do want to keep the house and rent it out, for those of you wondering. I thought I should put that out there, because even though no one has asked me that question yet, I know people are thinking it.

So this is what's been on my mind lately, you know that whole here we go again, but not quite. The funny thing is that when it does come time to move next year, and that three year point comes around, it will be the longest that we have lived in any one area since we got married. We lived in Charleston, SC for a year and a half, in Hampton, VA for two and a half years, in San Diego for two years (almost to the date), and for here it will be three. No wonder it's so hard for us to get use to a place.

Vacation Planning!

So I'm not sure if you remember of not, but back in this post I told you guys about our family vacation that we were planning this year, the one we let the kids pick. Well we are leaving in May! We are going to the Outer Banks, and renting a house there for a week. I am very excited! So right at this point (since the house is already booked), I am working on a list of things we will need during our stay. I do find planning fun. I'm looking forward to our vacation, and I can't wait. Boy do I feel like a little kid! I just love uninterrupted time with my husband. Yeah, yeah I know who doesn't?

Well thanks for reading, and I'm sorry I didn't more to tell you. Like I said, nothing but normal over here.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Can't stand game shows these days

Okay so as you can see from the title this post is all about game shows and how I can't stand them anymore. Well let me re-phase that... I can't stand the new ones anymore. I really like the classic ones. I enjoy watching Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Family Feud, but the new ones I can't stand, like Minute to Win it, Million Dollar Money Drop, and Deal or no Deal (I guess that one isn't really new, but whatever). So why do I hate them? Big reason number one, too little action, and too many commercial breaks. You guys all know what I'm talking about. They do like one thing, and then they need to take a break, and it drives me nuts.

Lets do some examples, and we'll start with Deal or no deal. Now this one isn't as bad, well not at first, not until you get close to the end, then it's like... Okay pick a box, and once you are done opening one box (after they take forever to open that one box), it's time for a commercial, then once you get back the banker will finally call and make an offer, but then we have to take another commercial break before finding out whether it's deal of no deal. All of that fluff in between all of that action is what drives me nuts.

Lets do another example, Minute to Win it. It's always only one, one minute challenge then a commercial break (ALWAYS), that drives me nuts, and the challenges are very suspenseful and you want them to win, so your sitting there cringing the whole time. It's very stressful. I hate watching anything stressful! (that's why I can't watch Saw, I'm always rooting for them to escape, and to many bad things happen along the way) And the host with his crazy bleached hair! Blah! (I just can't stand bad hair) (Really can't stand bad hair).

Okay so last example, Million Dollar Money Drop. Now I must confess, before this on came out, and they were showing previews for it, I really wanted to watch it. Why you ask? Well I really like trivia, and with this one it was multiple choice so even if I have no idea what the answer is I can still try out my guessing skills. It was also a lot of random facts and I'm really good at remembering useless random facts. Once again I was disappointed. They ask one question, with four possible answers, then they let the contestants put the money on which ever answer or answers they want. Then there's a big suspenseful pause, and two of the answers drop (so we still don't know that answer, but now there's only two to guess from), now the contestants have the option of putting more money on, but before we find out the answer there's a commercial break. I hate these shows. I think this is why new games show really don't last that long, because we are all fed up. I just need to get rid of tv altogether, and I really won't miss it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

To the doctors...

So first off I would like to start by saying that none of us are sick, this post is about the kids' yearly check up. It's something to post about because of the adventure that I go through every time I take one of my kids to the doctor (and this time it was all 4). Yeah fun!

The biggest problem is military clinics, they are slow and always very crowded. They always are in need of more parking and you have to go to different parts of the clinic to get things done, so even if you have only one appointment you are there all day. I understand that we get free health care, and because of that, that is just how things are, and I have to deal with them being like that. It's just become very tiring to take my kids to the doctor. Most of the people who work there are just lazy, because they are on a fix salary so they don't have to worry about how many people they see or how nice they act (yes it's wonderful).

Olivia's appointment was last week on Friday. This was her one year well baby appointment, and she needed shots. Her appointment was at 2pm, and I really don't like afternoon appointments, in fact I like to get there once the place opens. Why is that you ask? Because if you get there early you are more likely to be seen on time, (yes that is a big problem in military clinics) and you get out of there at an okay time, so you can get more done in the day. I feel like it just throws your whole day off, when you have an appointment in the afternoon (that's just me). Olivia's appointment went great, and then it was time for shots. Now normally in military clinics when it time for shots they send you off to the Immunisation department, and there is more waiting and such, but this time I was lucky and there were doing them in Pediatrics. Yay! All goes well, and we go home.

Darien's appointment was on Tuesday (of this week, just 2 days ago) at 7:50am. Yes better time. The only down side was I did have to wake up early, but I really don't mind that. The appointment was going fine until the doctor mentions doing some blood work. That's when Darien was like "What's that?" Me explaining things didn't help that much, because then he was nervous. We get done with the doctor and have to go to the lab. We wait for our number and once it is called we sign in, and wait some more (yes it's so much fun waiting). We are finally called, and I go back with Darien, and I bring Olivia. I told Zachary and Nathaniel just to wait there. I didn't want to scar them for life (in case things didn't go so well), and I didn't want to take up the whole room. They were close by and they knew where I was. Darien did great though, after a few ouchies it was all over, and he didn't cry. Yay! so we gather up all of our things and go home once again.

Zachary and Nathaniel's appointments were yesterday (Wednesday), and they weren't right next to each other (oh help me). Zachary's was at 7:50am, and Nathaniel's was at 1:30pm. Yeah that was so much fun. I decided that it would be better if we just stayed there for the day. There is a great playground near the clinic and it's right in font of the lake, and the camp grounds, so there would be enough to do. I checked the weather (and it was going to be awesome), and I packed a lunch for all of us. We go in for Zach's appointment and everything is good. He only needs one shot, but he ended up freaking out once he saw the needle, and he moved, so she had to do it over again (oh the fun). After that I had to go to Administration, because I was missing a piece of Nathaniel's shot record. A piece that is still at the clinic in San Diego. A piece that I have already requested several times before (I hate it when something like this happens). So yeah I fill out the paper work again, and hope that it comes in in-time for Nathaniel's appointment. We head for the playground and wow, they re-did the playground, and it looks awesome (10 times better than before). We had a blast! The new playground was great for all ages. They had ramps so Olivia could just walk on up, and they had big slides and little ones. They had things to hop on and swing on, and the had hand games all over that place (I didn't bring my camera, and I really wish I did). I ended up following Olivia around, and she went everywhere. She loved it! She didn't have to worry about where she was allowed to go. Lunch time came, and Daddy came out to meet us for our picnic lunch. That was great, and so sweet. After lunch everyone need to go to the bathroom (fun), but the bathrooms at the playground were out of order. So we ended up going back to the clinic. After our bathroom break I took the kids to the waiting room near the snack bar (because that one has a tv). I got them a snack and we sat there for an hour, before checking in for Nathaniel's appointment (Olivia fell asleep while we were watching tv). Nathaniel appointment was good, and after I was asked by the doctor to go check to see if his shot record was in. Really!?! Apparently they aren't told when things come in, and they can't call and check (blah). So I go down there and of course it's not in yet, so the only thing left to do is to go home. Neediness to say I will have to go back once the shot record does come in, or at lest call and make sure he is all caught up on all of his shots.

Yeah lots of fun! All I have to say is I'm glad it's over, or mostly over. So for all of you crazy people who can't wait for free health care, this is what you have to look forward to... Enjoy!