Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How I built my kids a Tardis tent :)

Yes good news, I did not start the project only to give up building it in the end. No, I build it! Finished it months ago in fact, but I wanted to wait until after I gave it to my kids, to post it on here.

If you are thinking of doing the same thing, or if you are just curious as to how it was done, then just keep on reading.

First you need PVC pipe. I got the 3/4 size for the whole project. I needed 4 5ft poles and 8 3ft poles. The PVC is sold in 10ft poles so buy 5 of them. The Home Depot where I bought mine had someone who was back with the PVC pipes, and he was able to cut them for me. Actually he only cut the first pipe, but while he was doing that he showed my sons how to do it, and they cut the rest. Really cool! So yes you get 5 10ft pieces, 2 of them you cut in half and the others you cut 3 3ft pieces in each, and yes you will have some left over. The biggest left over piece became a sword at our house.

Here is everything you will need PVC wise.
 Don't for get these things, so you can connect all of the pieces together. You'll need 8 of each.

They screw together like this.

It all fits together like this. It's easy, you're just making a cubed rectangle.

Next is the material. You'll need 8-9 yards. I know deep breathes right? Joann's has this fabric which you can buy in bulk online. Wal-mart also has the same fabric in their stores, and it's a bit cheaper.

This is basically what you are trying to do with your fabric. Also what I don't have shown here is that the front piece will need to have a slit cut down the middle (longways) to act as the door. Also while cutting and sewing the material give yourself an extra inch or two. This will make it much easier when putting the whole thing together.

I also got fabric paint to paint the windows and words.

While you are putting the tent together remember that you will be inserting the pipe through the loops in the material while attaching everything together. Also this tent, while together, does not fit through door ways (well not at the size I made it), so you are going to want to set it up in the room where you want it. Luckily taking it apart and putting it back together isn't that bad.

The good news is, the kids love it.

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