Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Time!

So I went to the doctor today, and she scheduled me an induction for Monday. So if I don't go by then, then it's Monday for sure. I am very excited. I am so going to take it easy these next few days (while I still can), and enjoy these last few days of this pregnancy. This will most likely be my last pregnancy, so that is more reason to sit back and enjoy. Tomorrow I plan on going through what I have packed for the hospital, and just rechecking and repacking. I also plan on taking inventory on the freezer and pantry, to see how much food we have, and I will most likely go grocery shopping on Friday. So those are my plans unless she doesn't want to wait.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

lots to say

Hey everyone, yup it's only 2 days before my due date, and I feel like I'm going nuts. Tomorrow should be my last appointment. So any day now...


We also finally got a closing date for our new house. We will be moving on the 26th of February. Yay! So now it's time for packing... Boo!...


I am so ready though, we really need some more space. So I have 2 very big things to look forward to, and with any luck one of those things should be here this week. I just wish I had a actual date on that one.

The boys had yesterday, and today off of school (for no real reason), and after coming off of a weekend, they had no idea what to do with that extra time. Whenever this happens, they always end up doing things they shouldn't. Like fighting, and getting into stuff, and being way to loud. All of this happened yesterday, so what did I do? I took away the video games. Ha ha ha...


This was of course horrible for them, because they love video games, and because they just got a new one Spongebob Truth Or Square...


They are spending today making up for it, and it has been a wonderful day. We got them the new video game because they beat Shrek 2, from start to finish. This dates back to a few months ago, when they kept seeing commercials for new games, and kept asking for them. Of course we were like "no way". We explained to them that they already have enough games, and they need to play the ones that they had first. Then we made a deal with them. We would buy them a new game when they finished one that they already had, and they had to do it all on their own. So they did, it took them a few months, but after practice and such, they were able to master Shrek...


Oh and speaking of the kids... I have been looking into homeschooling starting next year...


My whole reason for this is mainly because I really don't like what they are picking up from school. I have been hearing phrases like... "Lier lier pants on fire"... "I'm not your friend anymore"... "If you do this I'll be your best friend"... "I'm going to tell on you"... "I don't like you"... Yes the list can go on, and this is all being picked up from school, and all of those bratty kids...

Another problem is Darien's lack of effort in his school work. He is only doing what is needed to get by, and nowhere near his best. Also another reason would be what they are going to teach my kids in years to come. Let just face it, the public school system is not getting any better, so I should do something now, before my kids get brain washed...

On other news, my Cat Link has been acting very needy lately...


He is for the most part he is a keep to himself kind of cat, with the occasional need for love. This past week however he has been following me everywhere. Yes even in the bathroom (not cool), he has been wanting lots of love and attention. Does he know that soon I won't be able to give it to him? Maybe? So he's living it up now. Okay whatever. That is all I have going on now, so thanks for reading.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

First winter in 3 years

Okay so I know that in one of my post I was complaining about the cold weather and getting use to it again, and so I thought I would write a little about how my first winter in 3 years is going... Let me first start by saying, that I have always been more of a summer person. I would rather have it too hot, than too cold. My last winter was the winter of 06-07, we live in Hampton, VA, than in May of 07 we moved to San Diego, and I had 2 years of summer! So yes my first real winter in almost 3 years. So far it has snowed 3 feet all-together, and rained way to much, and it has been way to windy. How ever, there are some things I do like about winter, so maybe if I list them I'll feel better. I like... Winter sweaters, and wearing hats, scarfs and cute winter jackets. I love a warm fire, and hot cocoa. I like looking at snow, and I do like playing in it... That's about it though, and here is what I don't like. I hate having to get into a cold car. I hate really strong wind. I hate trying to get around in snow. I hate having to get frost and snow off of my car. I hate how my skin and lips get so dry. Shall I go on? I'm starting to wonder... Did I really grow up in this crazy place? It gets really really hot in the summer, and really really cold in the winter. Wow that's just crazy. I know that soon I'll get use to it all over again, but until then I'm going to vent, and thanks for reading.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I was looking at my pictures, and I came across these. These two photos are where taken during a really hard time in my life, the hardest week I've ever had to live though. 

These pictures are from June of 07, less than a month after moving to San Diego. Zachary was turning 3, Jeremy had left for a deployment, and we were in a new city. Lucky I did know some people here. The reason we moved to SD, was because of a Home Port Change, meaning the boat Jeremy was stationed to (the submarine), was changing home ports from Norfolk. So everyone had to move, and 2 of the wives I knew (from the boat) were in SD as well Kandi and Amanda. 

After Jeremy had left I noticed that Zachary was limping. I asked him if his foot hurt, and I checked his feet and legs, but no, nothing hurt, and he looked fine. My first thought was, maybe he was growing, and one leg was a little longer than the other. I let it go for a week, but he was still limping. It didn't seem to effect him though, he would walk and limp,... and run and limp,... and walk up and down the stairs and limp... All of this and he was still keeping up with his brothers. I still called the doctor, and finally got in to see her about 5 days later. She said that it could be a tiny fracture, but that would mean he would be in pain, it could be a bone infection, or just that he was going though a interesting growth spurt. She sent us for xrays, and when nothing came up, she told us to go home, but call if it got worse, or if he was running a fever. 

3 days later (Monday) he woke up with a fever, so I called the doctor. She said to get him to Balboa Naval Hospital right away, and she would order some test to be done. She also told me not to feed him anything, in-case they had to do an MRI. If they had to do an MRI they would have to knock him out, because you have to stay still during the test (very still), and little kids can't stay that still for that long. That was hard, I had to feed the other 2 but not him. We got to balboa at 9am, and we were first sent to Orthopedics. 

We waited until we were seen by doctor Riccio, who sent us up to Radiology to get more xrays. After that it was lunch, and yes once again I had to sneak the other boys food, but none for Zach or me (because I felt so bad for him). When the xrays came back with nothing we were sent up to Nuclear Medicine for a bone scan. By the time that was all finished it was 2pm, and yes we had been there since 9am. The doctor said that something had shown up on the bone scan, and they wanted to do an MRI to see exactly what it was. 

So we waited until they got all of that set up, and from start to finish it took an hour (and that was after they got started). I remember waiting for Zachary's MRI to be over, and I still had not eaten all day, and this guys walking in with food, and is eating it right in-front of me. There was a sign on the door that said "No food or drinks in the waiting room!" Not cool. So the MRI is finally over, and we waited for the results. Zachary had a bone infection in his right shin. They had no idea how it got there, but they were admitting him. I was shocked. I didn't know what they would find, and I didn't expect him to get admitted. 

We were sent to the Cast room, to wait for a room to be ready for him. By this time it was about 7pm, and Zach and I still had not eaten. Good thing the McDonald in the hospital was still open. We got him up to the room, and everyone was so tired, and I had to do something really hard. The other kids where tired and needed sleep, and I did to. I had to leave Zachary there. He was so little, and I didn't want to. What was he thinking about all of this? 

I got home at about 10pm, and I was so upset. I knew I needed to call my mom, and Jeremy parents, but it was late. I knew she would make me feel better, but what do I say. Hi mom, Zachary is in the hospital. I hadn't even told mom about him limping yet, so she had no idea about any of this, and it was 1am on the eastcoast. Is it right to call people at that time? I called anyways, and it's good I did. My mom was already up, she had a bad feeling after I didn't answer her call earlier (because I wasn't home, and I forgot my cell), and she couldn't sleep. Talking to my mom, made me feel better. The next morning I called Jeremy parents, and my Ombudsman (Elizabeth), I was good friends with her and she called Kandi and Amanda. She also made sure that a message was sent to Jeremy on the boat, so he knew what was going on. 

Kandi and Amanda helped me with Darien and Nathaniel, and took care of them for me, even though at first I didn't want them to, because I felt bad about putting a burden on them. But they were wonderful, and it gave me a chance to stay at the hospital with Zachary. 

He stayed until Friday, and then he was well enough to go home, an answer to prayer, because at first he wasn't getting better. He was on antibiotics for the next 6 weeks, but I was so happy to have him home, and to have a chance to get use to our new home in San Diego. 

This is prof that us moms can be very strong when we need to be (God made us that way). Sometimes you don't know how your going to pull through something, but you just have to. You tell yourself "I'm just going to do it, because I have to." Its like all of those times I had to move, I didn't want to, and I hated doing it, but I had to, so I just do it the best way I know how and get it over with. Of course I would rather move 50 more times, than to have to go through a week like that again. Zachary has been fine ever since, so this didn't effect him, but it did effect me.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Okay so like most of you have guessed, I'm tired of waiting. I wanna have a baby now, and it's not all because I'm so huge, it's mostly because I miss my old clothes. Yup that what its has been lately, sorry to say, but even now I want to look pretty. Ever since the second trimester I have had to leave my wonderful wardrobe behind, and switch to Yoga and Maternity wear, and it's been hard. I have so many cute things and I can't wear them. I am one of those girls, who loves being a girl and dressing like one. This week has been very boring, so I have been watching a lot of What Not To Wear (I love that show), and now I really wish I didn't have this belly anymore. Also to add to the problem, I haven't cut my hair in a while. I have been letting it grow a little, so I could cut a new style into it once the baby was born, but now it's driving me nuts, all I want to do is pick up the scissors and cut away. FUN! Yup, I know I'm going crazy. Good news is only 2 weeks left, but really any day now. So yeah, I need to stop watching What Not To Wear, because it makes me miss my old clothes, and it makes me want to go shopping.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New blog name!

Hey everyone, as you can see I changed the name of my blog. I have been wanting to do this for some time, but couldn't think of anything. Then I remembered how a few months back, (not to long after the move) I kept thinking to myself... "This must have been how Bilbo Baggins (from Lord of the Rings) felt after traveling for all of that time, and then moving back again to The Shire." At the begining of Fellowship of the Ring, he is trying to finish his book, There and Back Again (yes that is where I got it from). Poor Bilbo, I know how he feels. As much as you love your family and love being close to them, it's kinda nice being far away from them too. Not to mention all of the great things you get to see and do, just by leaving and moving to a new place.

The weather!

Okay so my biggest problem lately has been the weather (not really a surprise). It all started about 2 weeks ago, when we got 2 feet of snow (yes it really was 2 feet). I really don't mind snow, it's fine as long as it's just a few inches. That gives you enough to play in and look at, and you can still get out of your drive way if you need to. 2 feet on the other hand is just wrong. We couldn't get out of the drive way for days, and I was about to go crazy. I made a comment on facebook about not being happy about all of this snow, and I was told by my sister, that San Diego had ruined me. Really?? I still think 2 feet is too much for anywhere. Not only that, but we didn't have a snow shovel, so I thought I would walk to the exchange and get one. We live on Fort Meade, and just down the street from the Commissary and the Exchange. The roads were somewhat plowed so I thought "how hard could it be?" Well it wasn't that easy, but I got there, and then this crazy Asian chick got the last shovel, and I was right behind her. So yeah no shovel. Not only that, but my neighbor, who was out of town and came back to all of this snow, after she noticed that our parking lot was full of snow, she decides to park right behind me (so I can't get out, even if I did have a shovel and could dig my car out). Yeah! Lets park behind the pregnant lady, because she won't need to get out anytime soon. Blah!

This week has been really cold, and windy. I have been wanting to go for a walk to get some exercise, but the wind has been a killer. I use to walk everyday back in San Diego, I would walk the boys to school, and it was a half mile each way. True I could still walk the boys to school now, but the school is right across the street (don't get me wrong it's great), but thats not much of a walk, and the boys are big enough to walk themselves now, and they enjoy doing so. Also I really hate getting into a cold car. I have always hated that, and now I have to do it. Yup it's so much fun moving back to your old stomping ground. I know that soon I will get use to it again, but until then I'm going to vent about it. Woohoo!!