Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day

Yup it's that time of the year again. The time when all mothers get treated like a queen. Yup and I'm one of them. The kids have been sneaking around this place like crazy the past 2 days, I think Jeremy and the kids are planning something. The kids have let a few things slip, I know that part of it is a craft.

Sunday I'm spending the day with my family. There is going to be a lunch at my grandmother's house. This will be Olivia's debut, because most of the people who are going to be there, haven't seen her yet. Yup I have a cute outfit picked out (for both me and her, tee-hee).

The kids have been good lately, and I'm looking forward to the summer. It has been hot this week and the humidity has been really bad. Today is better though, today feels like San Diego weather. When I walked the kids to the bus stop this morning I felt so at peace. I always do when the weather is really nice. This may explain why I liked San Diego so much.

Olivia is eating really well, and she has been trying to turn over. She can almost do it. She is getting so big, and growing more and more beautiful. Zachary reading is greatly improving, I'm amazed at the things he can sound out. Darien has been doing a lot better with his bossy behavior, and has stepped back into the brother position and not the parent one most of the time. Nathaniel is going thought a not to fun phase though. I haven't let him ride in a shopping cart since before I got pregnant with Olivia, and that was fine, but now all of the sudden, he wants to ride again. He knows he can't, there is no way, Olivia is the small one now. So I don't know, I just hope he cuts it out and soon.

I have made a new friend. We started talking about a month ago, at the bus stop in the afternoon, her name is Trudy. Her kids go to a different school, but they get dropped off around the same time as my kids. She has 2 boys ages 7 and 5 (I think), and their names are Hayden and Reuben (I hope I spelled those right). She is really nice, I like her. Her husband is in the Army National Guard, and is going to deploy soon (sad). I hope this summer our kids can have fun playing together.

Jeremy has two weeks of leave coming up (actually his last day of work is today), we both can't wait. We plan on taking day trips for our vacation. We want to go to Kings Dominion, The Maryland Science Center, Baltimore Aquarium, and Six flags. I can't wait! It's been so long since I've been to Kings Dominion, and I'm excited. Yes I'm excited about the other things too, but I'm most excited about Kings Dominion.

Okay I think I updated you on everything so far. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful Mother's day!

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