Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tag you're it!

Okay so the kids now have a bus stop, and every morning before school while waiting for the bus, all of the kids play... Tag! and it is starting to drive me nuts, because its every day. This all started on the kids' second day at their new school (just a few weeks ago). Zachary said to me "Mommy I would like to play with these kids." and I said, "Well why don't you say hi to them and tell them your name, and ask them if they want to play." Right away (not even waiting a minute to think), Zachary walks up to the closest girl (who look to be in the 2nd or 3rd grade), and says "Hi I'm Zachary! Do you wanna play with me?" and she says "Sure!", and so he tags her and says "you're it." And that's that. So every day it's Tag, Freeze tag, or Toilet freeze tag. Yeah I'm not kidding. Have you ever heard of it? Well I hadn't until last week. Once you are tagged, you freeze, but you stick your arm out, and then you wait for someone to flush you (by pushing down your arm)(I'm not kidding), then you turn around 3 times (because you are being flushed), and then you can run again. No my kids did not make this up (thank goodness). It's crazy, and why would you feel the need to play tag this way? Is it just because it has the word toilet is in the name? And where is the kid who made this up? I guess you would have to be a kid to understand it, maybe. But if you ask me, all of the time you take spinning around 3 times, runs the risk of you getting tagged again. Right? I mean you might as well be frozen the whole game.

Okay so because all of this tag has been driving me nuts, I have been trying to leave the house later than normal, that way we have less time for tag, but it is written in me to be early (for everything), I have a hard time being late for anything. The most I can sit around and wait to go is just a few minutes, and than I get worried, and feel like I have to leave the house right now. I also really hate being late (it has only happened a few times in my life), but if I tell someone a curtain time, and I'm late (even by a few minutes, I feel really bad). Okay well, if I'm going to be that way than I guess I'm going to have to put up with all of the tags, for now.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Raising a bunch of Star Trek nerds

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I'm a Star Trek nerd. Not just a Trekie, I'm a Treker (that's even more hard core!). Now I know that our kids are supposed to take after us, but sometimes it just surprises me.

The other morning, before my husband went to work he turned Star Trek on (we have the dvds). He was finishing an episode that he had started the night before. This was fine and all until I needed the kids to get ready for school. Everyone was setting around watching Star Trek, eyes glued to the tv. Everyone but me, who was getting the morning things done. Believe me, I would have loved to join them. I needed the kids to get dressed, brush their teeth, put shoes and jackets on, and put their lunch boxes in their book bags. Now these things would normally take 15 mins all together, but not on this day. They just couldn't leave the living room! So after finally getting them to get dressed, brush teeth, and pack lunch boxes, all that was left was shoes and jackets, but we only had a minute. Not of course they can do this in one min, but when Star Treks on...

I finally tell the kids "hurry we have to go!" And Darien says "but I can't do this fast!" Now I have seen him get ready really fast before, but of course not today. And Zachary says "You mean we aren't going to finish this show" Wow! I finally had to go over and turn it off, and of course I get this look from Jeremy like "What, I was watching that!" Wow again! Yes I also wish I could set down and watch Star Trek in the morning, but it's just not going to happen. So needless to say, Star Trek has been banned in the mornings, because I really don't want my kids to end up missing the bus, because then I would have to drive them to school.

Although it was a very interesting episode (I had already seen it). For all of you curious Trekies out there, the episode was Chain Of Command, of Season 6, of The Next Generation. AKA "There are 4 lights!"

...Captain Picard Rocks...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Reading The Hobbit

A few weeks ago, I told Jeremy I wanted to start reading The Hobbit. I wanted to read more about Bilbo, since I felt like me and him had a lot in common. Jeremy asked if we could read it together, because it had been so long since he had read it as well. I have mentioned in another blog entry, that Jeremy and I have read a lot of things together in the past, and when I say together, it's actually him doing all of the reading, but both him and me like it that way. I love listening to him read, he does all of the voices, and we really enjoy it. If we are not careful we lose track of time. We have only been reading it for a week, but I already love it, and I am finding more in common with Bilbo. Both of us grew up in a small place and never thought we would leave, we never planned on it, it just sort of happened. The small town I grew up in had a population of 1632 (in the year of 2000, according to wikipedia), and I really did think that most towns were that way, and I didn't mind the idea of living there all of my life. Bilbo was that same way, he had no desire to leave, and Gandalf kinda tricked him into it. Of course for me it was a bit different. A few months after I married that man of my dreams, he decided to join the Navy, and of course I wanted to go where ever he went. So far in the Hobbit we have gotten past the trolls, and we are now leaving Rivendell. Good story so far, and it's funny at times. Also given the choice of middle earth beings, I like hobbits best. They are short, and they live in cute hobbit holes, they love gardening, and they eat all of the time. I would make a great hobbit! Like Bilbo my adventure was unexpected, but great and I would do it all over again, but even though there is a part of me who misses that adventure, there is also a part of me, that is happy to be near my family. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea, because it is nice being back again. The good news is through all of the good and bad, and the mistakes, I would never change anything about my life.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coffee bad!

Okay so I don't drink that much coffee, but I do like it every once and a while, but it makes me really hyper. I end up talking a lot and bouncing off the walls, from just one small cup, well most of the time, but not the other day. Monday Jeremy came home around lunch time, it was a short day for him, and he got both him and me a coffee on the way home. He got us both a small White Chocolate Mocha (very yummy). I drank mine with my lunch, but after lunch I started to not feel so well. I was having muscle aches, they weren't that bad at first... But as the day went on, it got worse, and I started to get a head ache and chills. It was really bad! All I wanted to do is lay in bed. So I asked Jeremy to look up my symptoms on I wanted to make sure I didn't have some crazy flu. Flu was one of the possibilities with all of my symptoms, but so was excessive caffeine use (so said Wow really?? And it did all start right after that coffee, and the next morning I was feeling much better, so I guess so... But it's still a little crazy. I mean I know Starbucks coffees have more caffeine than other coffees, but that much more. I have also had Starbucks a lot of times before this, and nothing like this ever happened. Needless to say, I'm going to lay off coffee for now, because I never want to feel like that again.

Monday, March 8, 2010

All moved in!

Yay, we are finally in our new house! We have been here for a week, and we love it. The packing and moving, and the unpacking was not fun at all, but it is finally over. I'm so happy! Last week was a very busy week for me, and I'm so glad it's over. I had the unpacking, the last inspection on our old house in fort meade, register the kids in their new school, and getting that cable set up. The cable guy didn't show up the first time, so I have to reschedule. So far I really like the community we are in, but I haven't really met anyone yet. The boys are now going to a new school, and riding the school bus. Zachary really likes the bus, and he was so excited, because he had never done that before. This week should be an easy week for me, I don't have too much on my plate like I did last week. The only out of the ordinary thing this week is Olivia has an appointment Thursday, and I have some cleaning to do. Yup already, gotta love the kids.

On the bright side though having 4 kids isn't as hard as I thought it would be. Sure I'm busy, but it's busy in a good way, and I am really enjoying it. Olivia fits right in with our crazy little family, and she is a joy just like her brothers. She is now only waking up once a night, around 2am, and that's after going to bed at 9pm. She wakes up for the day at 6am, which is when I need to get up anyways. My mornings are busy, but I'm more of a morning person anyways. So that all for now. Thanks for reading!