Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guess what?!?

It's my birthday!

Today I'm 27, and no I do not feel old. So far I have gotten 2 gifts, 7 cards, 12 facebook birthday wishes, and flowers (and I walk right by them 4 times). They weren't small, (not at all) I just have a one tracked mind. Okay so here's what happened. Last night I went to bed about 10 mins before Jeremy did (that happens all of the time, so I didn't think anything was up, or being put out, from inside his car). About 20 mins after we went to bed I woke up because I was hot, so I went down stairs to adjust the temp. I walked right past them adjusted the temp, what right past them again and went up stairs. I met Jeremy at the door to our room (I guess trying to see what I was doing, and I didn't think that maybe I walked by something he didn't want me to see yet). This morning I woke up at 6:30, and I jumped out of bed to see if I had any facebook wishes (of course). I walk right past them again (and there was light in the house this time). Jeremy comes down stairs right after me, which is unusual, because he is NOT a morning person (and still I didn't think anything was up). Before he can say anything I hear Olivia, so I was about to walk upstairs again. I walk by them AGAIN, and he stops me. Yeah it was funny! They were beautiful! I must be blind.

So my husband has been very mysterious about one of the things he got me. He got me 3 things 2 of them he gave to me early because the third wasn't going to be here in-time for my birthday. The first was a Star Trek shirt, and the second was a Hufflepuff key chain (ahh Star Trek and Harry Potter <3). The last however I have no idea, and I won't even find out today (the suspense is killing me). Yesterday he was telling me that he placed an order for a handheld vacuum, and I jokingly said "Oh so that's what you got me for my birthday"  "You know it, along with an apron, feather duster, and cleaning spray. I was going to get you a watch, but the stove always displays the time, so you really don't need one." Yup my husband is a funny guy. Yes all he got from me after this was "The Look." I asked him why the big gift was going to take so long and he said it was because "It's coming from a far away place."  "Like Japan?"  "Not quite."  "Maybe it's coming from Hogwarts?"  "Yeah... Maybe."  Okay well that got me nowhere. So does anyone have any ideas?

As for today... I am doing nothing. I am totally vegging it, as much as I can get away with. Oh and tonight :) Oh yes tonight... I am going to cook some tombstones, Jeremy is getting me a cheese cake, and I am watching Star Trek! Pizza, Cheese Cake, and Star Trek. What could be better?

Thank you to everyone who has already and is going to wish me a happy birthday :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Message from Olivia

Guess what?...
I'm a big girl now, you wanna know why?

I have a toddler bed now!
Yup no more crib.

Mommy says I'm still little, but I don't believe her.

Look what I can do!

During nap time, I play with my toys.

Oh, but don't tell my mom okay... She thinks I'm sleeping.

Nap time is more for my animals anyways :)

Thank you, and lots of love from, Olivia Legates

Friday, July 22, 2011

Why do I not remember?

Do you have a bad memory? Well I didn't think I did, but after today, I'm not so sure anymore. Maybe my biggest problem is I sugar coat everything in my mind, and try to make myself believe that I had a good time, or that things will always turn out great, even though they won't, and haven't in the past. You know what I mean? Okay I'll tell you about it.

My husband gets home yesterday, and says that there is an office picnic tomorrow. Now my husband works at a Meps station in the Navy office, now a lot of people work there, a lot of people Jeremy doesn't know, because he stays in the Navy office. So this was no small picnic.

My reaction was "Great can families come?" "Yeah everyone is going to bring there family" "Great we should go, picnics are great."

See I was thinking of the positives... Nice sunny day, Free good food, happy people, and the park has a play ground (that the kids already love, because we have been there before). What I forgot was the negatives... Heat wave on the east coast right now, bugs, the free good food at these events always takes forever, and trying to control a 17 month old little girl (who has a mind of her own). See I forgot that I really don't get a chance to enjoy my food at these things because I'm chasing her. My poor sweet husband even offers to hold her, and look after her, but I still can't enjoy myself, because I not feel bad for him... What is wrong with me?

So anyways, forgetting all of the bad things of past picnics, we set out, and I'm looking forward to it. The picnic was going to start at 11am, so we get there at 11am (forgetting that it wouldn't be time for food until later). No one is there at he knew, so we walk to the playground to wait. It was HOT. The east coat is going through this crazy heat wave right now. It was 100 outside, but because of the humidity it felt like 115 (yikes). So after playing for only a few minutes the kids were done. We ended up going to the car and waiting in the AC. At 12pm Jeremy spotted a few of his friends and we went over to the picnic area. He took Olivia and showed her around, and I sat at a table trying to enjoy the little breeze. That was great until the flies came. They were biting my legs like crazy (ouch)... and my kids legs (poor things). Yes I picked a great day to wear a dress. :( ... and I was also the one who told the kids to wear shorts (it was going to be really hot), Jeremy who was in pants wasn't bitten at all.

Pushing the fast forward button -> -> The food was served at 1pm. This was just in-time because I was suggesting to Jeremy that we just go home, and get food on the way. We did show up, and that should be good enough, especially on a day this hot. I get in line with the boys, and Jeremy keeps an eye on Olivia. The boys and I sit down, I take Olivia, and Jeremy gets his food (yes all of you parents of small ones know, this is how it has to happen). Okay bear with me, because this is how it was... I had one fork to my name, and she takes it, she doesn't want to eat, but she wants my fork. Then she picks up my drumstick and starts hammering on my plate with it. All the while the bugs are still biting me, and I was trying to eat fast before Olivia did something crazy. Poor Jeremy he thought I was going crazy... "No, Olivia please don't take that... Ouch these dang-on bugs... Olivia give me that... did anyone get a napkin?... Where is Olivia's cup?... No, Olivia don't throw that." Yeah... thats how it was... Is that how things go for you too? Okay well I'm going to remember this, and I am waiting at least 2 years before going to another picnic.

Have a nice day, and thank you for reading :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Last Friday night :)

I meant to post this on Monday, but kept putting it off and putting it off, for really no reason. I wrote some on Monday... a little on tuesday... non on wednesday... I really don't know why it took me so long but it did, so please enjoy.

I'm sure you have all heard the song "Last Friday Night", by Katy Perry. I'm not a big fan of the song, I think it's a little over played, and it's crazy. However I did have a wonderful night last friday night, and it was a little out of the ordinary for me. Most friday nights are spent in with the kids and my wonderful husband, and even though my kids are wonderful as well, sometimes it's nice to go out with just the husband, you know if I get the chance.

If you are like me, than it's very hard to arrange this. Why is that?... Well... If you have more than 2 kids it makes it hard to find a sitter, because sitters like the number 2 (apparently), and if you do find one, than it's very expensive. So how was I able to go out? Who did I find to watch my kids?

My sister-in-law Christen was staying with us, for a week during her vacation. We were happy to have her. :) On friday Harry Potter came out (no I did not go to the midnight showing) (a lot of people who went to the midnight showing dressed up, and boy I would have loved to see that). Jeremy and I really wanted to see it. Now normally when we both want to see a movie, we have to see it seperatly (and we do). Jeremy likes to go on a weekend night (really late), when everyone in the house is asleep. I normally go during the day on a weekend. This way someone is always home with the kids. It's okay, I would love for it to be different, but that's life. This time however, since Christen was over, we were able to see something together.

Before I left the house I put Olivia to bed, to make things a bit easier (it was 7pm). We left for the mall early, so we could get something to eat first. It's no good going to a movie hungry. The mall was packed... (nothing new right? That mall is always that way). The whole time I was holding on tightly to Jeremy's arm (it was cute). I'm not great in crowds. We ate at subway, so I wouldn't ruin my diet... Yes I'm on one. It been about 4 weeks... Anyways... We see the movie, and it's awesome. I love Harry Potter so much. Did I mention that I'm a Hufflepuff? Yes I'm THAT kind of fan. The theater was packed, and all sold out, so we had to sit next to people we didn't know (oh no not people!)... Yeah I know I said that on the last post. I had the pleasure of sitting next to the "crying" girl. From what she was saying to her mom right next to her (I'm guessing it was her mom), she had already read the books... me to, so I wasn't crying during any of it, because I already knew who was going to dye, and that there was going to be a happy ending... but once the fighting started she started crying, and really crying. Let me just put it like this... the theater was dark... really dark, and the movie was loud... and I could still tell that she was crying. She was sniffling, whining, and wimpering. Awkward... To be really honest, I thought it was funny. Is that mean of me?

So yes that was my friday night. It was wonderful... I'm still not sure why it took me so long to write this. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Legates' 4th of July Adventure...

I'm sure you have all heard the saying "Getting there is half the fun." Well I don't think you have to go a great distance (or any distance at all) in order for it to be true. I think of it more as the journey to a goal (not necessarily a big one, but a goal none the less). Like potty training your child (yeah all of you Moms know just what I am talking about). Your goal is to get your child off Diapers, and use the potty EVERY time he or she needs to go. On this Journey there are many (MANY) ups and downs, but so worth it in the end.

Okay so our 4th wasn't that crazy, but it got me thinking in how we work so hard just to accomplish a goal or a task, and we sometimes think "Why in the world did I have to go through all of that just to get this one thing done?" But I think it makes that one thing more worth it in the end.

Our goal was to watch fireworks at Summit Lake camp grounds with our Church. Our church is having a youth camp all of this week at Summit Lake (it's about an hour and a half drive). Our kids were not signed up for the camp, but the church invited everyone to come the first night for fireworks, and since we weren't really sure where to go for fireworks this year, it was the perfect solution.

The only problem was we weren't sure when to leave... We didn't know what activities they had planned there, and we also didn't want to intrude on all of the real campers (there were 9 churches staying there, and we also didn't know everyone... I have really bad social skills).  :)  So because we were unsure of when to leave, and unsure of how to spend our day, there was some sitting around the house at first. After lunch (around 1pm) is when a great idea popped into my head. "Lets take the kids to the arcade."  "You mean Dave and Busters?" (yes that is the only arcade around us... but the kids love it soooo much)  "Yeah, we can spend an hour or 2 in there... Hit the road, and get dinner on the way somewhere. This way we'll only be a couple of hours early"... (a couple of hours before the fire works that is) "And that way if there isn't much to do, it won't be so bad."  "Okay sounds good to me, lets go."

The math in my head was like this... Get to D&B @2pm and spend about 2 hours... Leave and hit the road at 4pm... Since it's an hour and a half drive that should put us there at 5:30pm, but since we planned on stopping for dinner that should put us there at 6:30 - 7pm ish... Yeah that sounds about right.

So we get to the mall, and the parking is lovely (yeah our mall... the Arundel Mills Mall... Doesn't have the best parking). We find an okay spot, and walk into the mall. It was packed (really packed). I wanted to go to Payless, and get Olivia some shoes that fit her (she grows out of shoes so fast). I said goodbye to Jeremy saying that I would meet him in about 10mins. Now Arundel mills is a really big mall, and it's in the shape of an oval, (so you can do laps around it?) and the Payless is at the opposite end from D&B. I kept getting behind the slowest people. I was trying to fast walk it, and just hurry up and pick a pair of shoes already. Everyone else was just taking their time... The way I see it there are 3 speeds in walking there's the I'm in a hurry speed, there's the normal not fast not slow speed, and there's the I'm trying to blow some time speed. What is wrong with everyone? Personally I don't think I have ever used the I'm trying to blow some time walk speed. I just have never needed it, but in that mall on that day everyone was using it. So I finally get to payless... And you know how that store always has really narrow aisles? Well I had the stroller... and most of the aisles had people in them (not people... oh no). I was thinking to myself "I just need a pair of shoes for my daughter, that's all... I really don't feel like squeezing past everyone... So can someone just pass me a pair of shoes for my daughter, size 6?... Anyone?" Note to self... Independence day is not the best day for shopping. So I squeeze through and find a great pair of shoes (success!).

(Hitting the fast forward button) -> -> I get to D&B and find Jeremy and the boys, and we had a blast. We played a lot of games, and won a lot of tickets. I found out that I live with a bunch of crane masters. Yeah we ended up with 6 stuffed animal from the crane game. We ended up with over 3,000 tickets, but as you all know in the arcade world that doesn't buy you much. Oh well we had a lot of fun, and it really didn't matter.

So we hit the road (yay road trip). We get about 8 mi from the camp ground and pass a bunch of great restaurants, like Pizza Hut, A Family Diner, and some fast food. "Hey honey we should stop there and eat"  "Yeah we will, but I want to drive there and see the place first, then we will go and eat."  "Oh okay."  This place was on a very small very narrow and very curvy mountain road, and I thought we were going to die. Jeremy is an awesome driver, but this road was scary (very scary). This road was not wide enough for 2 cars, so when another one came you had to get over, and that's hard to do when you either have a cliff or a drop off on the side of the road (eeeekkk). So we see the place (yay), and then drive back to the Pizza Hut (yay again). We had the worst waitress known to man kind. She wasn't the kind that keeps making mistakes and dropping everything, no she was worse. She was the I really don't want to be here kind, and I really don't care, and can't you guys serve yourselves kind (oh goodie). This Pizza Hut also had the AC on full blast, and we were very cold (freezing).

(Hitting the fast forward again) -> -> We get to the camp ground and it is beautiful (this was the very same camp ground that Jeremy went to as a kid, so he was really happy and reliving some childhood memories). There was a Lake, a pool, playground, basketball court etc... We took the kids to the play ground to play. Later we were told that there was a toddler play area set up in one of the buildings, so I wanted to take Olivia so she could have some fun too. Nathaniel ended up coming with me, and Jeremy took the older boys to play some ball. The play area was great, and some of the ladies from my church were there (yay no awkwardness). So they played and had a great time.

About 45min before the fireworks were due to start, I met up with Jeremy again, and he tells me he's going to help them set up. Cool, and have fun was all I really said. I took the kids back to the van and got out Olivia's stroller. My plan was to push her around to help her fall asleep, but there were way to many people out and she wasn't going to sleep. So we went to grab a spot early. We were going to watch on this big hill behind the cabins, but pushing the stroller up that big grassy hill was not easy at all, and to top it all off Olivia was not happy once we got up there. Yeah I should have waited and stayed with everyone else, but after getting up there, there was no way I was going back down, just to go up again later. So yeah for 30 min I was busy trying to console a crying screaming baby. She was very tired, very grump, and did not want to sit still. Yes all of you Moms have been there and you all know just what I'm talking about. Once the fireworks started she was fine, and she loved them, they all did! They were beautiful and I was happy. Yay mission accomplished! :)