Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Currently In Utah And Loving It

Yes we are all here safe and sound, and yes like always it was an interesting journey.

The packers came last Monday. Most of the time when movers come it is very stressful, and that is mostly because you are trying to keep your children entertained and out of every ones way. My husband however, was nice enough to take the kids out on that day. They went to the park, then to play mini golf, and lastly to watch the Cinderella movie. The best part was he thought I was doing him a favor by dealing with the movers (because he doesn't like to do that at all), but in reality he was doing me a favor. It's awesome when things work out like that.

The loaders came the next day, which was last Tuesday, on that day we just spent most of the day in the backyard kicking a Hello Kitty ball around. Both the packers and loaders moved pretty fast, and were done around 3pm on both days. Tuesday was sunny for most of the day, until about 2pm, when it started to hail like crazy. Yes it was hailing while the movers were there. Those poor guys.

Wednesday was our final inspection on our military house, and right after that was taken care of, we hit the road. Our goal for that day was to make it as far as Twin Falls, ID. We thought it was only going to be a nine hour drive The drive turned out to be more like eleven. That may have been because of the snow we hit in the mountains. We got to the hotel around 9pm, and yes we still went to the pool. We kind of had to, we promised the kids, and considering that they had put up with that drive with patience and grace, keeping our promise was no big deal. Yes before you ask the cats came too. Both of them were in my mini van, with the younger kids while the older boys were in my husband's car. Link our oldest cat was a big cry baby for almost the whole trip (he hates cat carriers), and Zazzles was just chilling.

Thursday we made it to Utah. I wanted to shout with joy when we crossed the state border, but my kids were asleep in the car at the time. I resorted to telling them with an enthused voice when they woke up. About 30 mins before we reached our final destination, which was the house we were going to rent, I get a call from the company that owns the house, saying the rent and deposit checks never came in. Great... Yes and we had sent them over a week before... Great... and they were casher's checks... Great. So we had to go and get money orders before we could move it. Yes something always has to go wrong, that's just life. You fix it, you learn from it, and you move on.

Once we finally payed for and made it to the house, it was wonderful. It was what we wanted and more. It's the perfect size and has everything we need. Every window has a view of snow caped mountains, and every room has a walk-in closet. The best part is that we have enough room for a school room.

While waiting for our stuff to arrive, we explored the area a bit. We when to the aquarium and Ikea. We checked out the mall and drove around just to see what they had here. There's a lot to do here, and as far as stores go, they have almost everything. Yes big improvement from Bremerton, WA.

Our stuff arrived on Monday (two days ago). They unloaded the truck and had everything put in the correct room in only three and a half hours. That's super fast, that fastest I've ever seen it done.

The good news is, we are almost done unpacking. We have a few boxes just setting round. The great news is that this house looks even better with our stuff in it.

I want to thank everyone who has prayed for our family during all of this. I'm so grateful for every ones kind words and prayers.