Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend getaway!

This weekend I had an awesome time with my one and only best friend...

Yeah I'm talking about my husband. Last week (on Wednesday), we had our 9 year anniversary, so to celebrate we spent the weekend in Ocean City. Jeremy's parents were super awesome and watched all of the kids for us (yes I'm sure they had a good time too).

So what can I say about a weekend totally alone with my husband and best friend? Well only good things. To make things more interesting I'm going to make a list (any and all parents will appreciate this).

Vacation with the kids   VS   Vacation without the kids

Starting with... Vacation with the kids
- On a vacation with the kids, you are guaranteed a morning wake-up call. Yup you will not over sleep at all.
- Your vacation will be as exciting and unpredictable as your kids. Yup no dull moments.
- You will always get to bed on time. Lets face it, you had an exciting and fun filled day with a lot of unpredictable moments, you are so ready for bed.
- Meal times well be an exciting challenge. You'll be helping someone read and pick something from the menu (deciding between chicken fingers, and a hot dog, is very hard). You will also be entertaining a toddler (because everyone needs entertainment). Don't forget the... cuppie, bear, rattle, blanket, or the cheerios or you will be paying for it, and so will everyone else around you.
- Every outing will be followed by a bath. It doesn't matter where you were, if there was dirt, your kid found it.
- When going to the pool your hands will have plenty to carry. You'll need... swimmies, swim diapers, towels, swim toys, snack, pool ring, and possibly a change of clothes.
- There is no need to worry if your child is hungry, thirty, or uncomfortable, because he will tell you the moment he is, and in great detail.
- No matter how much you pack, you will always forget something that little Jr can not live without.
- You will always come home with plenty of souvenirs, because everything is "just so cool."

And ending with... Vacation without the kids
- You may end up sleeping in. With no one to wake you in the morning, it's possible.
- You can sit down and plain out your day, and there is a higher chance that you may follow it.
- There will be no such thing as bed time, because you will loose track of time.
- Meal times will be way to quiet, and way to relaxing, so relaxing that it will feel wrong, and you will love it.
- If you want a nap in the middle of the day for no reason, you can take one.
- Going anywhere will be way to easy, and you will feel like you are forgetting things, because you will have hardly anything to carry.
- You will always come home with plenty of souvenirs for your kids, because you missed them, and you wanted them to have something even though they didn't go.

Yes I did have a good time (thank you for asking). We stayed at the Grand Hotel (right on the board walk) and it was super nice. Our goal was not to drive at all after getting there, and we did just that. If we wanted to do something we walked there, and it was so easy. Ocean City has a 2 mile long board walk (for those of you that have never been), and most of the places we wanted to go were on the board walk, and the rest were just down the street. It was so much fun. We ate where we wanted, and when we wanted. We took a nap on Saturday. We went swimming. We stayed out late... Well late for us... like 11pm (yes that's late for us). We saw a movie, and we did a lot of relaxing. I loved it, and like all moms I was ready to see my kids again after it was all over.

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