Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Party!

Okay so I'll get to the title in a minute...

How about that earthquake? I was my first. We lived in California for 2 years, and never felt the earth shake, then to feel it here of all places.

I was sitting at my computer (just like I am now), playing the sims 3 (I like that game okay). My kids were just a few feet away at the tv, playing video games. Yes we were already finished with our school work for the day. I felt the little shake first, and was thinking... "What was that? Was that an earthquake? No."... Then it really started to shake, and I jumped up and said "Quick kids get under the table!" Okay yeah, I freaked out a little... thinking... "An earthquake here? What in the world."... By the time we all got under the table the shaking stopped (of course). That's about when one of my sons asked me "Mom can we get out now?" Yeah it's funny now that I look back on it. We had a few pictures fall, and some items fall off of a bookshelf. Nothing was broken though.

So a Hurricane Party? Randi what in the world is that? Well we a due to have hurricane Irene hit us Sunday, and since we won't be able to go out and do anything that day, we are having a party in. I'm going to get hats, and balloons. We are going to plan fun games, and get candles (just in-case). I'm going shopping today right after we finish our school work.

I planed this because I wanted the kids to have something fun to do, and I also love sitting inside and looking at the rain coming down (it fascinates me).

Praying for everyone to be safe during this hurricane, and enjoy it if you can. Please evacuate if you are called to. Thank you all for reading.

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