Monday, August 15, 2011

Busy as a Homeschooling Bee

School is about to start back up again in the Legates house. Next week in-fact... Am I ready? Well I am proud to say yes, but only since yesterday. Last week I woke up and realized it was August (okay I knew it was August before, but it just didn't hit me). I really needed to prepare for our Homeschool year and I hadn't even started. So what is it that you like to have finished before you start Randi? Well... this...

So... what is that you ask? Well it's a weekly goals chart (created by me) (yes I do know the chart is crooked. I took a picture of it, rather than scanning it in). It has the week (HS week) (this one is week 2), and the dates (so we don't get mixed up), and the Name of the child (this is Darien's). It has how much work needs to be done this particular week in every subject, for this particular child. With this chart I can stay on track for the whole year, and not worry if we are going to finish on time.

Now just imagine making up one for every week, and for each child. I like to have 34 HS weeks, and I'm teaching 3 kids (currently), so thats... 102 charts (yes that's what I did last week. It involves getting out each and every book (with test and quizzes), and calculating the pace, and writing all of this down.

Yes it's a lot of work, but starting the school year with it all laid out like this is so easy, and with us most likely moving during this school year, it makes it easier to take a week or two off if we need to, due to the moving process.

So let say we do end up moving in April and I have to take a week off of HS, now I will already know how much work we needed to do that week, and I can fit it in sometime before hand. Yes it makes my life a lot easier.

Before I make up the charts I do make up a school calender and decide how much time were taking off for holidays and such (my kids are getting 2 weeks off for Christmas). This way when I make up the charts and put in the dates, I already know what dates to put in. "Nothing is every easy." Doing it this way also lets me pick the last day of school (they will be finished in may).

I'm so glad I'm done with all of the planning, now we can start (I really can't wait).

Thanks for reading :)

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