Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hello! :)

Hey everyone, sorry it's been a little while. I really haven't written any personal post in some time, and I feel that a more personal one is due. Things are going mostly well, and we are now into our second week of Homeschooling for this school year. The first week was mostly good... we had some disappointing grades at the end of the week, mostly due to a lack of studying. My kids would still like to believe that it is summer, and we can all still goof of and get by (sometimes I like to believe that too). Yes this does happen. We are learning our lesson this week, by taking more time, to study. I reminded my kids that taking notes is important :). Ahhh yes the art of taking notes (very important).

Jeremy and I started reading another book together (for those of you that have been following me for some time now, you know that I have mentioned that we do that from time to time, and we really enjoy it). This time it's "The Omen Machine" by Terry Goodkind. I really like Terry Goodkind, he is the author of my favorite book series "The Sword Of Truth," This book is a continuation of that series (it has the same characters), but isn't considered part of the series (not sure what Terry is doing, but I like it). This book has been keeping me on the edge of my set. Pretty much every chapter is a cliff hanger, that makes you want to read the next. We (Jeremy and I) will sit down to read just a few chapters (2 or 3), and end up reading 6 (because we have to). In reality I'm the pusher (because he's the one reading), and we'll get done a chapter, and he'll look at me, like "Well do we go on, or wait until tomorrow?" and that's when I give him the look that says "Please keep going I don't want to wait until tomorrow." (yes we can say that with only looks... we've been married for 9 years, all it takes is looks now)...  :) ... Last night at the end of one of the chapters, Richard (the main character), had discovered something, and it ended like that (and we didn't know what it was), then the next chapter wasn't even about him (so we would have to wait even longer to find out). It had me yelling "Goodkind" in a Khan / Captain Kirk, kind of way. (Star Trek reference... "Khan"). Yeah it was funny. With the way things are going, it shouldn't take us long to finish this book, but then I guess it will be kind of sad once it's over :(.

So.... The hurricane... How did it go? Well we were able to keep power the whole time. Yes I do feel really blessed. Our party was great... The balloons only lasted a day, so they were gone even before the hurricane started, but we still got a good use out of them. The magic of a balloon is wonderful. I got the kids some spongebob party hats, and we played Mario Kart. We watched the wind and the rain, and we were thankful to be inside. My parents (and Jeremy's parents), live across that bay, and they got it much worse than we did, but I am happy to report that they were also fine. My heart does go out to everyone who was affected by the flooding, and you are in my prayers.

I do have a bit of news as to where we are moving next, but since it isn't set in stone as of yet, I really don't want to say anything (sorry). So you will all have to want until October (I'm sorry that it's so far away), but I will tell you that at this point it looks like we will be doing another across country move... (on the fun!) One of these days, we will settle down and stay in one place, but until then "Bring it on!"

At this point I'm sad to say that I am ready to go. I've enjoyed this time living close to my family, but I need to move on. I have really been in a relationship yuck ever since moving here, I really haven't been able to find very many Mommy friends, and the friends that I did have... well...  lets just say it's been very lonely friend wise. Just to be clear I'm not talking about all of them, but yes most of them (out of the few I did have). "I miss my San Diego Mommy friends." :( ... I just feel like bridges have been buried, and I need to forget about it and move on, so I am. I guess sometimes I just wonder... "Is it me, am I weird or something? Did I say something wrong?"

Okay well sorry to end on a bad note, and with a cliff hanger, but I will tell you guys where we are going when we find out. I'm really excited!

Thanks for reading.

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