Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Great Wolf / Spartan weekend

This was our second visit to the Great Wolf Lodge, and I enjoyed myself more this time. Here is the post about last year's visit.

We left Friday the second. The drive is about an hour and a half.

Now just a warning to everyone, this place can get expensive, so to help save some money try to eat in-town and not at the places in the hotel, because they are very over priced. The first night for dinner we had domino's. They were about ten minutes down the road, and a lot cheaper than the pizza place in the hotel.

We stayed in the Kid cabin room again

The water park is great and has a lot to do in a small space. We let the older two go off together while Jeremy and I switched off on watching the younger two, so we both were able to go on the water slides.

We arrived at 2:30pm, and immediately went to the water park, and stayed there until about 6pm, that was when we were all feeling cold and hungry. After dinner we did an hour of Magic quest and we played in the arcade. Yes the kids love this place, and Zachary said that he would love to live there.

Saturday was the Spartan Race. We drove another hour and a half to get to Washougal, WA. Jeremy's race was at 8:30am and the boys' race wasn't until 12:05pm, but hanging out there all day wasn't that bad.

This is Jeremy's after picture. I regret not getting a before pictures because this outfit use to be completely white.

This is the boys' before picture.

The boys are waiting to start.




This is after. They actually don't look to bad until you notice the feet. :)

Even though I didn't race I still felt pretty dirty by the end of the day. It was really dusty there, and even my shoes looked awful and smelled unwearable. :P

When got back to the lodge around 3:30pm and once again went to the water park. That night we hang out in the arcade for quite a long time, and the next day we played magic quest for a few hours before leaving.

I meant to take more pictures, but I just forgot... oh well. :)

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