Friday, June 8, 2012

Update time

Hey everyone, so I think this post is long over due, since I haven't updated everyone very much since we moved. The reason for this is because my husband is still on leave, and because of that we've had a lot of family time, and I really didn't want to take away from that. I have about an hour right now while my husband is out, so I'll try to catch everyone up.

Our time in Washington has been great! I'm really glad we moved at the beginning of Jeremy's leave, because it has given us a lot of relaxing time. The move is over we are here, we are happy, and now we can enjoy each other. The first week was awesome the sun was shining it was warm, and all of the locals were confused about the nice weather. Jeremy said that God was giving us nice weather to help us with the transition. The week after that it went to what I'm guessing is normal Washington weather. On most days we have rain and overcast, but there is still the occasional sunny day. I'm fine with that, and I think we are adapting well. Besides getting use to the weather, we are also getting use to the area, and so far it's been really easy to lean the layout (or where everything is). The tricky part is getting use to the "new places". There isn't a lot here, so if your looking for something that maybe a bit harder to find you'll have to go to Seattle (we have done that yet), or order it online. Yup it's all about adapting. I'm really happy to be back on the west coast, Jeremy and I would really like to go back to San Diego one day, and this just puts us closer.

So what fun (going out) things have we done? We went mini golfing, we've been to the mall a few times, and we went to the Great Wolf Lodge. On most days however we just had a lot of family time. We played a lot of card games, we took our bikes out for a spin (we watched the kids ride up and down the street), we went for walks around the neighborhood, there are a lot of playgrounds here, we played a lot of board games, and we had a Harry Potter movie day (just this week), we also made new friends and hung out at their house. All in all it's been great.

So Great Wolf Lodge (for anyone who wants to know). Great place, a lot of money. We stayed one night, and racked up a bill of about $400 (I'm not kidding). The room was awesome and had bunk beds and it was great (it was the KidCabin suite), and it cost $289.99. I can understand that cost of the room, it was a nice room and the tickets (to the water park) were included. The problem was that rest of the hotel, all of the shops and food were expensive (really expensive). Oh and there is also Magic Quest. What is that you ask? Well it an activity that you can do all over the hotel. You buy a wand ($20.00), and the wand gives you the ability to interact with curtain objects around the hotel. There are quest you can do, and it's basically a giant scavenger hunt. So yes $20 times 3 wonderful boys. Our stay was fun, but I'm not sure fun is supposed to cost that much, so I' don't think we'll be doing it again any time soon. Or if we do, we may have to go else where for food, or bring our own. The rooms come with a fridge and microwave, so it is possible to make your own meals.

So what's left? Jeremy has a few more days of leave left, then it's time to get busy again. I have some summer workbooks to get the kids started on, and I have homeschool things to do. I have to buy books and get the kids in the system here. So much fun! I also have some medical thing to do.

I'm going to a home school curriculum sale tomorrow, and I'm super excited! I always love those, and I get to go by myself! Yes that doesn't happen often. I get to shop for books at my own pace and not have to worry about anything else.

Okay I'm going now, bye! :)

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