Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New working animals

We got chickens!

A few of my friends have gotten chickens over the past few months, and even though I don't like to be a copy cat, I do like saving money, and I have always liked the idea of having them, and I guess I finally live in a place (besides home on the the eastern shore of Maryland) that allows such animals.

Meet Yolkie, Omelet

Sunny, and Scrambles
(sorry the picture is pink?) (and yes we can tell them apart)

We got them from farmland pets in Silverdale. The staff was really helpful and set us up with everything we needed, and it was less expensive than buying a hamster. We ordered a chicken coop on Amazon (that was about $200), and now I am really excited. Soon I won't have to buy eggs ever again.

The kids love these little guys and can't get enough of them (I'm glad we have 4). We keep them in a box under a heat lamp, in Darien's room (away from the cats). They will stay there for about 8 weeks, and then they should be ready to go outside.

I'll keep you updated as they get older, and when the coop comes in, I'll post a picture.

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