Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dover Downs Banquet, and Thanks Giving Dinner @ My House

Hey everyone! So how was your Thanks Giving? Did you eat way to much? Did you have a great time?


So last tuesday (the 22nd) was the banquet at Dover Down (which is a casino). This was an awards banquet for the Navy Recruiting District Philadelphia. They have one every year, and this time I was able to go (thank you mother-in-law for watching the kids).

Last tuesday morning was crazy. Check in time was at 9:30am, and we had to drop the kids off first, so we had to wake up at 5:30am, and leave by 6am. Yes that's exactly what we did. We grabbed some poptarts and ate them in the car. We drove 2 hrs south east, to drop the kids off in Delmar, then drove an hour north to Dover (oh the fun). The schedule was something like this...

9:30am - 11am : Check-in
11am - 12pm : Lunch (yes the gave us lunch for free)
12pm - 4pm : Training (for the military members, not the spouses)
6pm - 8pm : Dinner (which was part of the banquet, and once again free)
8pm - 10pm : the Awards (we were hopping that after that we would be able to catch a movie. The last showing of Breaking Dawn was at the mall close by and at 10pm) (I didn't think we would make it)

So yes after getting there, and settling in, they gave us lunch which was Ghettos Pizza (super awesome). During Jeremy's training I took a nap. Wow I loved it! It's been so long. I went up to our nice and quite hotel room, and snuggle up in a nice big bed, and took a nap, and I didn't have to worry about a thing (super super awesome). I got up at 3pm, and started to get ready. All of you girls know what it's like... You have to curl your hair, and do your make up, and put on that perfect dress :)...

So this is how I looked...

So like I was telling you in this post... The dress was old, but the shoes are new. :)

So did we make the movie in time? We lucky for us, they decided to start the awards early :). The Captain was ending the ceremony at 9:30pm with a "Be safe and have a good night." Once those words were out of his mouth, I took my heels off (so no shoes on), and grabbed Jeremy's hand, and we were both running. Well how often does an opportunity like this come around? Jeremy's parents have the kids, and we are out just the two of us. So we raced up to the room, changed, and were back down again right when the first crowed (from the very same banquet) was heading up. Some of them were asking how we were able to change to fast, but we had no time to stay and chat... We had a movie to see :)

Yes we made it, and right on time too. I loved the movie :)

I think being able to watch it with Jeremy in the theater made it even better. Like most parents of young children, it is very rare that we get to do that.

We got back to the hotel really late, and I re-packed and went to bed, and Jeremy followed shortly after.

Thanks Giving Dinner

So this year I hosted the Thanks Giving Dinner for Jeremy's parents and sister. I love staying at home on any holiday. I'm just a stay at home kind of person :). So hosting is really my cup of tea. I made Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Corn Pudding, Macaroni and Cheese, Stuffing, and Sweet Potato fluff. My Mother-in-law brought Coconut Cream Pie, and Brownies. My sister-in-law brought Pumpkin log.
This is a picture of my kids (well 3 of them) coloring, waiting for Mommom, Poppop, and Aunt Christen. :) (I know I love Zachary's face in this one)

We had a wonderful day. Mommom and Poppop came early to watch the parade with us. We had our dinner at lunch time (I really like early dinners). After dinner we exchanged gifts (yes early, but just the ones to each other).

After that we watched the new Harry Potter together :)

I know, Harry Potter on thanks giving? I love it :)

Well that's all for now, thanks for reading.

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