Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Well its finally happened....

I need glasses... Not to worry it's only for driving at night and reading. For the past few months I have just felt that my eye sight isn't the best it could be. I was having problems seeing the clock from a distance, and my eyes were having problem adjusting from near to far. I mentioned this all to my ever so loving husband.   "Well I think we need to send you to the eye doctor."  "Great!"   "Our insurance covers that right?"   "Yes it does, as long as I go to the right place."  "Good, are you going to get contacts or glasses?"   "Defiantly glasses!"   "Oooohhhh.... ...."  "What? Is there a problem?"  "Well I've seen your taste in sun glasses, and you like to go for nerdy, and that has me worried ."  "Honey, I thought you liked my nerdy sun glasses."  ".... ... ... ..."   "Oh I see."  Well what can I say, I have my own style, and if on one else likes it, then that's okay, I don't really need them to, but I guess my husband is just worried about being seen with me.  "Don't worry honey I won't pick anything crazy." (smile and wink)   "Right." (roll eyes).

So I went to the eye doctor Friday afternoon. Jeremy was able to look after the kids, and it was a good thing too, because it was crazy in there. I walked in, and there was only one chair left in the waiting room (I guess that's what happens when you go in on a Friday afternoon). Also note that this is my first ever visit to the eye doctor, so I have no idea what to expect. So I finally get called back (30 mins later), and we talk and she gets me to read the chart, and we try a few things out. Come to find out, my right eye is fine, and needs nothing, my left eye on the other hand...    Okay it's not to bad off, but it just seems funny, that one of my eyes is completely fine, (meaning on my glasses there will be just glass on my right eye) and left... not so much. So after that she puts the crazy drops in my eyes, and sends me back out into the waiting room for 30 mins. Wow those things are crazy, I couldn't see a thing, and Jeremy was trying to text me. On a good note, besides my left eye sight slipping, everything else looks great.

I put in an order for my glasses Monday at Walmart, and I think the frames look great. I'll have to show a picture later, once they come in. Jeremy wasn't there when I picked them out, so I think he's still a little worried. :)

Christmas vacation has started! I'm super excited!

Last week I told my kids that if they were willing to do 2 weeks in 1, then we could get 3 weeks off for Christmas vacation and start it all a week early. Of course they wanted to do that, and they did an awesome job, but yes it was a lot of work, and no we can't do that all of the time. So now we are on vacation (I love it). It's nice to have time off, and just sit back and wait for Christmas. I love that my kids can just act like kids these next few weeks. That the best thing about childhood, just running around being a kid, carefree and happy. I love Christmas, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year :). It's a time to be thankful for God sending His son for us, and to be thankful for our friends and family, so don't forget them.

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