Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ready... Set... Wait 6 months

Hey bloggy buddies... Yup once again we experience a gap in posts. Sorry, and yes you all know that this is a busy yet boring time of year (what a surprise). Yes with all of the dinner planning / dinner going, Christmas shopping, and holidays it's a wonder anyone gets anything else done. It happens, but it's very rare (and very boring apparently).

So because of that I have decided to make my post about our impending move. Yup the BIG ONE, all the way across country AGAIN! This move (in May), will be our 3rd across country move (yes 3rd). It's a lot to take in, but since I've gone through it before, that makes it easier.

So I've started to plan already (yeah I know). Why so soon? I like to know how I'm going to go about doing things, and since this thing is so big... well... you know... All I've done so far is planning the drive (as much as I can). How many days are we going to take going across? Where are we going to sleep?... Well we would like to make the trip in 7 days (no more, and no less). So why is that? Well in the past we did it in much less time (4 days), and while that was quick, it was also stressful and crazy. This time, we are just going to take it easy (as easy as possible, if there is such a thing). We are also staying at KOAs. Perfect solution, because we have pets, and kids, and I really don't like hotels.

Okay so like I said before I'm really looking forward to moving, for many reasons.... (I'm just not sure the rest of you will understand or like them)... Okay this may sound mean, but I'm not trying to be at all. I would really like to spend the holidays alone (just Jeremy, the kids, and me). I just like doing what I want for Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and not have to go everywhere and play the "fair" game. It's not easy especially since we have lived far away before, and that's what we're use to doing. I love my family (very much so), but I'm just so use to doing it on my own. I blame it on my middle childness (if there is such a thing). I spent my whole childhood trying to get every ones attention, and now that I'm grown up, I don't want it anymore, because I'm use to not having it. But when you move back home after being away for so long, your going to get it, so I had it coming to me (I suppose). It's funny how you change and adapt over the years, and just get use to how things are. I'm also looking forward to meeting new people. Our stay in Washington should be 5 years, and that's longer than any other place we've lived so far. This will give us more time with those new people we meet (a shame we didn't have that before, I've meet some really great people over the years, and just didn't have enough time with them) :( ... (thank goodness for facebook right?) :) ...

Speaking of time... With the passing of this month, marks the longest we've lived anywhere since my husbands Navy career started. We have lived here for 2 years and 7 months (Yes that isn't very long). Isn't that sad? One of these days we will live somewhere long enough to get use to the house, the area, and the other people, but not yet (I feel like we are vagabonds). I guess staying in a place longer that 2 years fells weird to me... What people actually do that?... They settle down, and stay in one town / city for the rest of their life?... Is that normal?...

Okay yes I'm just messing, I know it's normal. :) Not military normal though

So I've been planning the move so I can kind of figure things out early. List will need to be made, and things will need to be packed, and I just want to make sure I don't forget anything (I'm sure I still will). We need to set aside things to go in the car, and things to be packed by the movers. We need to get the car tuned up before we go, and we need to make reservations. Most Importantly we need a place to live. Right now we have an application in with the military housing up there. I have really high hopes for this. They do have 5 bedroom units, but I was told by the lady, that they only have a few. She did say that we shouldn't have any problems getting a 4 bedroom one though. I told her I just really needed a house, and that I wasn't picky (I hope that puts me on her good side) :)

Okay so that's all for now... See you guys later :)

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