Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween :)

Happy Halloween everyone!

I want to start off this post by showing you our past Halloween costumes throughout the years

This one is from 2007. This was about 5 months after moving to San Diego. This was the first year I took my kids trick-or-treating. I'm Sheik (from the Legend of Zelda OOT), and my kids were Link (all 3 of them, also from Legend of Zelda). Yes our costumes went together, and I made all of them. Jeremy was on duty that night so he wasn't there.

These two photos are from 2008. I'm Pooh (I'm sure you all can see that), Darien is Mario, Zach is Link again (He really likes Link), and Nathaniel is Luigi. Jeremy was deployed during this Halloween, so yes he wasn't there again :(

This was 2009, 5 months after moving to ft Meade. I was Pregnant, and stayed behind to hand out Candy, and Jeremy took them out (he didn't dress up). Darien is a Jedi, Zach is a Clone (also Star Wars), and Nathaniel a skeleton. Yes this was the first year we actually bought the costumes.

This on is 2010. Jeremy stayed home to hand out candy, and I took the boys. We have Darien and Zach as Power Rangers, and Nathaniel as Batman. I was once again Pooh.

So what did we dress up as this time?...

We had one Snow white...
2 Harry Potters...
One Iron Man...
One big gorilla...
And a Star Trek girl :)

This year, we set out 2 big bowls of Candy, and we all went trick-or-treating together (the first time, we've ever been able to do that) :). It was great, we only had to go once around the block, to get all of the candy we would ever need (well you know). We left the house at 6:30, and we were back by 7:00, and the boys each had a full bucket, and I think that's enough.

So now it's time to move on the the other holidays... Thanksgiving and Christmas (I'm really looking forward to both). This will be are last holiday season here in Maryland (which says a lot because both Jeremy's family and my family live here), so I'm looking forward to one last holiday season here (and hopping that this winter isn't really cold).

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