Monday, November 14, 2011

My Shoe Challenge

Yes this post is about shoes :)

It has been a long time since I've worn heels for more than just a few minutes at a time, and the challenge I have made for myself is to change that. "Why?" You may ask...

I have a banquet coming up next week (for Jeremy's work), and most of the time when it comes to these things I just try to get by with a ballet flat (note that I don't get to go to these types of things often).

I am a big fan of the ballet flat (I have 8 pairs of them, in a 16 pair wardrobe, so 50% is ballet flats)...

There just really cute and really easy...


I'm a Mom and I always have things to carry, so wearing flats just make it easier.

But I'm also 5' 2", and I could use the extra inches.

So this time I wanted to get a pair of heels and wear them to the banquet, and also train my feet to wear heels more often.... so I went shoe shopping! :)

I was recycling an old dress for this event, so I wasn't going to spend money on a new one, so I got a few pairs of heels. Money wise it was a great idea.

So these are the heels for the banquet, and wow I am so not use to wearing things like these. I tried to wear them all saturday, and I tripped a lot. :)

But aren't they super cute?

My dress is white with brown flowers (I'll have to post a picture later) and it's tea length. I am going to wear it with brown tights, and these shoes...

I know banquets are more, no tights, big ball gowns, and strappy heels, but that's just not me :)

Big ball gowns make me look like I was swallowed by a dress (I'm just short). It's cold, so to me tights are a must, and no way am I wearing strappy heels if I can't even walk in regular ones.

So now that we are talking about shoes, want to see my whole shoe wardrobe?....


See most of them are flat.

As far as heels go I only have these 3 pairs (2 of which I just bought this saturday)

I do have this pair of kitten heels, but I don't think that really counts

So my challenge for me, is to wear heels more, and to get use to them by next week. :) Wish me luck

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