Sunday, October 9, 2011

Like a Sailor on leave?

Hey everyone. Yes I know, long time and no posts. Sorry I've just been busy, and with nothing interesting. Yes I know, I have already explained how that is.

My husband was on leave this past week :).... :).... :) YAY! Well who doesn't like having their husband home with them all week? This vacation was for relaxing only (with a few exceptions). You know how sometimes you take some time off, so you can take you family on vacation? It's fun at times, but when you get back you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? Do you get that at all? Well we were trying to avoid all of that, and just enjoy each other (and all of our wonderful kids). It was nice :)

Most of the week was spent at home. I would Homeschool, Jeremy would help, and we would clean the house (mostly he would clean the house). We would sometimes take small shopping trips in the afternoon, to buy halloween costumes, and christmas presents (yes we have started already). We got the kids' pictures taken, and put up our Christmas tree (yes I know "already?").

I just like to put it up early. It makes me happy :) I love decorating for Christmas.

We also did a Homeschooling field trip in Washington D.C.

We went to the Natural History Museum, the American Art Museum, and the Smithsonian Castle. That was an adventure in it's own.

Driving and parking in DC isn't a walk in the park. It also didn't help that Jeremy and I have different driving personalities. He is a big GPS kind of guy, he doesn't need to know where he's going until the GPS tells him, and he can do anything with a GPS. I really don't like using the GPS. I would rather look up the directions online and go from there (no GPS needed).

Jeremy was driving, his plan was to follow the GPS to the Museums address, and find a parking garage from there. This was working just fine, until he handed me the GPS, and said "Here take this and tell me when to turn." ......  "Ah...."  "Well I think we turn left up here"  We turn left and "Recalculating (GPS)"  Yup that's me.

All was well, we found our way, and found a great place to park.

The kids loved it, and I think they learned a lot. :)

So during this whole leave, my husband was on a cleaning rampage... I really don't like it when this happens. I also don't get any sympathy from my facebook friends when I post about it. So I'll explain, and maybe you guys will cross over to the dark side with me.

You all know (or maybe), that I am not the neatest person. I'm only a little messy, cleaning just isn't always a priority in my mind. Every once in a while Jeremy will go on one of these cleaning rampages. He has to clean everything. Now most of you are thinking "What's the problem? Just let him go and do it." And I do, but it makes me feel guilty, and on top of that... "Hey honey, this was on your dresser where does it go?"  "It goes on my dresser."  "No your dresser looks messy, you need to clean it, now where does this go."  "The only place I have for it is on top of my dresser, and I'm feeding Olivia right now."  "I know you're busy, that's why I'm trying to help you, now where does this go?"

Do you guys get it now? Maybe?

Okay well thanks for reading. I'm about to do a series of posts one on what we (the Legates family) eat for dinner during a normal week (so one post a day for 5 days) maybe you guys can get some new ideas and recipes from that. And Randi's fall fashions, that will have what I'm wearing Monday through Friday. So yes once again one post a day for 5 days.

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