Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm back with... Not much to see here

Hey everyone... yeah I know I haven't said much lately. Looking back on my blog Archive, I noticed I did the same thing this time last year. So why is that? Well I think September is a busy time for any mom, (or parent) and though I still have time to write, I don't have anything interesting to write about. My post would end up like... Today in History Darien and I learned that the people in the Jamestown settlement were lazy. Okay I guess that may be interesting to some people, but I'm guessing not to all of you. I'm also guessing that you guys don't want to hear about the amount of laundry and dishes I get to do, or the amount of papers I have to grade at the end of the week. So what I'm trying to say is, yes I have been busy, but it's not very interesting. It's things we all have to do (you know).

My goal this year for my blog was to write more post that last year (even if it was only one more post), but right now, I'm not sure I'm going to make it... Last year I wrote 57 post... Right now I'm at 43. Okay I'm not to far behind, but at the rate I'm going, well... I'm sure you get it. I have plenty of things I'm planning on writing, but I have to wait on them for one thing or another (it's complicated).

So do you guys remember my birthday post? So what was the mysterious gift that came from a far away place? Well no it did not come from Japan or Hogwarts. It came from the land of Azeroth (yes all of the nerd/geeks know what I'm talking about), or more accurately from Washington State ;)

<-- Ding!

Do you like it?

I love it, but when it first came it looked like this...

                                          Yeah I know :(   --->

That one came on Aug 1. Not to bad only a few days after my birthday (sooner than expected), but oh the disappointment when I opened the box. Nathaniel said "Wow mom, the bad guys got her."

So yeah I had to take pictures, and e-mail the company and get them to send me another. The second one took 4 weeks (yeah not to happy about that). Oh well I have it now.

Okay so let me explain for all of you non nerd/geeks out there. It's a mini figure of my character on the game World Of Warcraft, which is an MMO RPG. It's one of my hobbies (it's what I do when I'm not being a mom/teacher/house keeper. :) ...

More good news... My husband has some leave coming up soon, and no we are not going anywhere for it. Have you ever needed a vacation from your vacation? Well that's how the Legates' vacations have been going lately, so this time, we are just staying home, and relaxing. I really like the idea, and I really don't want to go anywhere. The way I see it... We will most likely be moving in the spring, and most likely across country, and during the move and the driving, we will make fun stop along the way, and make a vacation out of that, so I really don't want or need to go anywhere right now. Yes that would be over doing it in my mind.

I'm still waiting on more news on where we are moving next so hang in there (I'm also telling myself that). Thanks for reading :)

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