Monday, October 10, 2011

Randi's Fall Fashion (Monday)

5 days worth of outfits from my closet! Happy Fall!



Black and white collar shirt with purple-plum sweater vest. Black A-line skirt, plum tights, and mary-jane flats. Maroon flower neckless, Jade earring, and pearl hair band.

I love tights and leggings, and fall is the perfect season for them. For this outfit I kept the color pallet the same, the purple-plum sweater, the plum tights, and the Maroon neckless are all from the same color family. I am also known for mixing it up a bit and throwing a totally different color in, that does not match. I did that with the Jade earrings. I don't like to do all of the same color, and if I can't fix a different color into the outfit, I do it with the accessories. I'm also a big sweater vest fan. I think of them as geek chic, if there is such a thing :).

Come back tomorrow to see what I drag out of my closet next :)

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