Monday, October 17, 2011

Harry Potter Party

Hey everyone! So are you guys wondering what happened to me? Are you saying "Randi what happened, you did 4 days of fashions and 4 days of dinners, and you didn't finish you missed a day in both." Yes I did, I let it happen, I kind of cheated (yes I did). Friday came around, and I put on a pair of yoga pants, and a tee-shirt (oh the horror, and how dare I do such a thing), and for dinner, we ordered Pizza (yes I know, how dare I again). So because of that, it really wasn't post worthy, and I wasn't really worried about finishing the week, because it wasn't really that important... was it? Okay, well any ways, I really hope you guys were able to get some new dinner ideas, and clothing ideas (I know, not everyone wants to dress like me, and that's fine).

So about the title..... Friday night, we had a Harry Potter Party, to celebrate our first report cards of the school year, and the good grades on them.

 It was an up all night, see how long we last kind of thing. Our goal was to start around 5pm, and get through all of them, a full 17 hours of Harry Potterness.

Jeremy and I had our own ideas, about who could stay up, and who couldn't

 Daddy Predictions:
Nathaniel will last until 11:12
Zachary will last until 1:20
Darien will last until 4:46
Randi will last until 12:15 (I like my sleep)
 Mommy Predictions:
Nathaniel will last until 10:30
Zachary will last until 12:45
Darien will last all night
Jeremy will last all night
 What really happen:
Nathaniel 10:39 (mommy wins)
Zachary 1:45 (daddy wins)
Darien 4:15 (daddy wins again... what in the world)
Randi 12:30 (I went to bed right after I popped the 4th movie in)
Daddy 7:25 (He went to bed right after he popped the 7th moving in, and right after I got up)
 This was fun! We made cup cakes, and had pizza. We put sleeping bags down, and let the kids have a big sleep over in the living room. We also let them eat everything....

The only down side is we did have some grumpy kids in the morning (well grumpy kid, can you guess who?)
 We had to send him back to bed, and tell him not to get back up, until he feels better.

Jeremy said that next time we have a HP party, we need to start it in the morning :), and yeah he's right. Next time we'll start it in the morning and our snacks can be breakfast foods (yummy pancakes).

Thanks for reading :)

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