Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Deep space nine

Jeremy and I have been going through all of the Star Trek series (not in order mind you). Our goal is to watch all of them. We have both loved Star Trek for a long time, but before we started doing this, our love of Star Trek was limited to only 1 or 2 series.

Right now we are on Deep Space Nine. We started in the fall, and with our normal Star Trek watching ability, we should have been done by now.... So why aren't we? Well the first season was very hard to get through. Like most tv shows the first season is the trial and error season, and they don't always get it quite right. This was very true for this particular series of Star Trek. The biggest problem was the characters... Commander Sisko was rude, uncaring, and very demanding. He didn't want to command DS9, and he was mad at the world. He also didn't like Captain Picard (and I just can't trust a guy who doesn't like Captain Picard). Major Kira is just as bad, and because of that, her and Sisko tend to butt heads quite often. Doctor Bashir is a pain in the neck. He talks way to much, and its all about nothing, (and I do mean nothing) he is a big wimp, and a horn dog (and I'm not sure how all of that can go together, but it does). Now mind you there are cool characters on the show, but in the first season they don't have very big parts.

Once you finally get through that crazy first season things start to get better, and I actually started to like the show. The characters get better, Sisko becomes nicer and starts to care about the crew, Kira backs up a little, and Bashir develops more of a normal personality (oh thank goodness). Also all of the good characters from the start like Odo, Dax, and O'Brien take a bigger role in the series.

So we are now on season 3 (YAY!) They now have the Defiant (which is an actually star ship), so the episodes have become more interesting, and more of them are happening outside the station. They have become huge enemies with the Dominion, and I see a war brewing (should make for some interesting episodes to come). All in all, it's not so bad. I still think TNG is the best, and Voyager was also better, but this will do. I am thankful that the awful first season of DS9 didn't ruin my love for Star Trek (as if that could ever happen).  ;)

Happy First Contact day to all of my fellow Trekkies!

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