Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rain, son free, book, and car weekend

Hey everyone! So how was my weekend? Well it was pretty good, and worth blogging about.


So Friday was the curriculum fair that I have been talking about and waiting for (I'm sure you guys remember), and my mother was picking up the boys that day, for a weekend at the grandparents (thank you so much!). She came and got them around 9am (my mom likes to get things done early). After she left, I put Olivia down for a nap, and had no idea what to do (I know, I finally have some time to myself and I have no idea what to do with it) (not to mention that it was very strange have the house so quiet). I ended up watching a movie, Taken with Liam Neeson (awesome movie). Once that was over with Olivia was up again and I had something to do. At 3pm Olivia and I left the house to go pick up Megan, and go to the curriculum fair (yay!). We get there and wow, that place was packed. I think everyone who has ever homeschooled in the state of Maryland was there (oh help me) (and I'm not to good with crowds). The fair was different from the one I went to last year. This one didn't have that many used text books, it had all of the main vendors there like Abeka, Bob Jones, Classical Conversations, ect... All of the vendors were offering free shipping, and 10% off if you spent a curtain amount. So I spent some time at the Abeka stand ordering the books I knew I wouldn't be able to get used. Some books like the test books, and work books, you can't find used, because to copy every page just so you can reuse or sell them would be to much work.

After I ordered all of those books, we looked around in the other buildings. They had a lot of vendors that were selling used story books, so I got a few books for the boys. We ate dinner there, and the food was great and it was also a wonderful price (very surprising!). We both ate for $5 (and that was not each). We got 2 slices of pizza, 2 cokes, and one bag of chip for $5.

After we ate, we left the fair and went shopping! (yup I love being a girl) Why? Well there was a Plato's Closet near by, and we both wanted to try it out. Wow that store was awesome. We both found some really cute things. It was fun hanging out with Megan and looking at clothes.


Saturday was a very rainy day. It was nasty out. We still went out despite all of the rain, because we wanted to get the mini van tuned up. We have a 04 Ford Freestar (named Phantom), and he is the mom car. We have had him for 3 and a half years, and so far he has been a wonderful car. We wanted to get him looked over and oil changed before our vacation (just in-case). So we put Olivia's car seat in Jeremy's car, and we drive both cars to the shop, and drop off Phantom (we don't have a name for Jeremy's car, he doesn't want us to name it anything... no fun!)

We went shopping and out to dinner to pass the time (I know dinner again? I'm being spoiled). While we were out we picked up the new Harry Potter (super yay!), and ate at Outback. Olivia was very well behaved, she shared french fries and ate the yogurt that I brought with us (she loves yogurt). She barely made any noise and I was proud.

Once we got home we watch some Star Trek, and then Harry Potter! :) While watching, Jeremy did his Calculus home work (not sure how he can concentrate with all of that awesomeness going on).


So Sunday wasn't as interesting... I was waiting for mom to drop the kids off (once again thank you!), and I sent Jeremy out to do some vacation grocery shopping. He loves to shop with a list, he says it's relaxing (I love that about him).

Well that all I have to report. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow! It sounds like you had a fabulous, but busy weekend.