Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Master packer

Hey everyone, so it's time to pack. Yes I am currently packing for our trip to the Outer Banks. I can't wait! I am so ready to get away, and for my husband to have some time off (we love time off).

This trip is starting to feel like moving, or at least packing for it is...

This is my master pack list (I like to doodle). This reminds me of moving, and how I would make a list of things we needed to pack in the car (for the trip to our new house). The list was almost always about this long, and this detailed. I would make a master pack list (just like this one), and start pulling the things aside as soon as I could, and get everything in the car, before the movers came. Oh the memories! (moving is so not fun!)

So far I have gotten most of the clothes packed, and most of the dry food, so far this is how it looks...

Yes so far (a lot of so fars here) the dry food (plus some odds and ends like sunblock, lunch box, and bubbles) has taken up 2 plastic containers (I hope they fit in the mini van).

Oh and this too...

He wants to come (but he's not). I'm having my friend Trudly stop by during the week to check on the cats, and they should be fine. This is however a very cute picture.

Jeremy and I have been going over the things to do in the area. We have a little list of things we would like to do, but most of our time down there will be spent relaxing (and doing nothing else). I'm looking forward to having the beach mostly to ourselves, and to sitting back and doing nothing (and I mean nothing).

Oh and we are done for the year with home schooling! I plan on once we get back from vacation starting the kids on some workbooks, so this crazy long summer vacation shouldn't mess them up school wise. I have already started to buy books for next year, and I am surprise they haven't come in yet. Jeremy was teasing me about that yesterday. I checked the mail, and still nothing from Abeka. Jeremy said that I got ripped off, and that it really wasn't an abeka stand that I ordered from, and that it was just people dressed up trying to fool everyone and taking their money (he better not be right). In all reality I know he's not right, but I'm excited to get my books, and I'm tired of waiting.

Okay well I will post again soon! Bye!

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