Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weather the weather is good...

Hey everyone, I sure hope everyone is enjoying this interesting weather. I know I am (*rolling my eyes*) ;)

I just don't get it, and this has happened like 3 times in the last 2 months, where we'll have a great warm day. A super awesome 70-80 day, then the very next day the temperature will drop and it's windy (or like yesterday the temperature drops, with wind and rain). Monday was great! It was 80 something outside, and I had the windows open, and no heat on (it seems like for so long I've had the heat on). We spent Monday night outside on the deck blowing bubbles (the boys have been waiting to do that for months). Then Tuesday came... I had no idea how the weather was going to be that day. Thinking that it would be close to the same as the day before I put on a short sleeve shirt. I plan was to go to BJ's that morning and pick up a few things that we needed. I get the kids mostly ready to go and... it starts raining cats and dogs. So I tell the boys we'll go when the rain stops or at the least slows down. I checked, and according to their hour by hour, the rain was going to stop around 1pm. It was right this time, so that's when we went out. After a little search we found a dry cart and went inside. BJ's is a wholesale place like Cosco and Sam's Club, we went with BJ's because they take Visa, and our check card is a visa (that just makes it easier, and they are also the closest wholesale to us). I like to buy pediasures wholesale (it's cheaper that way), my kids are super skinny, even though they eat like little pigs, so my pediatrician suggested pediasure to help them out.

I also bought some things for our vacation coming up. I have a big red box in the kitchen that is for all of the non perishable food. I have made a master pack list, and I'm marking them off one by one. Yes I have started to pack (I know I still have over 3 weeks). I'm not a nut, I just really can't wait (sorry, but I don't get out much). This vacation should be awesome! I'm excited to take my kids to the beach, and not have to worry about a lot of other people being there (I hate crowds). I'm looking forward to eating out in an actual restaurant (you know where you sit down and they take your order, and cook for you, and bring you the food, and they are the ones that clean up). Like I said I don't get out much. I'm also looking forward to long walks on the beach with my husband. Since we are having Jeremy's sister and parents come with us, I'm sure we can swing a midnight stroll, without having to worry about the kids. Okay I'm going to stop talking about this now.

So monday we switched up bed time a bit for Darien. We noticed that when Jeremy and I go to bed (which is on most nights about 9:30 - 10:00pm), that most of the time Darien is still up (he's still in bed, but just not asleep). So we told him that he is allowed to stay up longer as long as he stays in bed and reads (nothing else though). "You mean I can't play with my lego's?" "No just reading, and in bed. You love to read." "Yeah, but I like lego's better." "Sorry son only reading." "Okay I'll do that." Yes he now sits in his bed and reads until he's tired. It's better than just laying there and doing nothing. Unfortunately with Darien, if you give him an inch he takes a yard... The first night after sending him to bed, and giving him a book, he was back down stairs in 5 mins asking for another "What are you doing back down here, you need to stay in bed remember?" "I'm done with this book" "It's a big book, how are you done already?" "I've already read it and I want another." "Okay, but no more getting out of bed." Yeah I heard him sneak down stairs a few more times, before catching him again. "Darien for now on you are not to come down stairs until morning, and you are to stay in your bed. If you get tired of a book then that's just to bad." "Okay, good night mom." Yeah like I said, he takes a yard. Letting him switch out the books that often just defeats the purpose, he spends more time sneaking down stairs than reading. I am a big believer in kids needing a good night sleep and letting them get it, but since Darien was up anyways just laying there I really saw no harm in letting him read, but if he's going to be going up and down the stairs all night than he really isn't going to get any sleeping or any reading done.

Okay well that's all for now. Thanks for reading! :)

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