Thursday, March 3, 2011

To the doctors...

So first off I would like to start by saying that none of us are sick, this post is about the kids' yearly check up. It's something to post about because of the adventure that I go through every time I take one of my kids to the doctor (and this time it was all 4). Yeah fun!

The biggest problem is military clinics, they are slow and always very crowded. They always are in need of more parking and you have to go to different parts of the clinic to get things done, so even if you have only one appointment you are there all day. I understand that we get free health care, and because of that, that is just how things are, and I have to deal with them being like that. It's just become very tiring to take my kids to the doctor. Most of the people who work there are just lazy, because they are on a fix salary so they don't have to worry about how many people they see or how nice they act (yes it's wonderful).

Olivia's appointment was last week on Friday. This was her one year well baby appointment, and she needed shots. Her appointment was at 2pm, and I really don't like afternoon appointments, in fact I like to get there once the place opens. Why is that you ask? Because if you get there early you are more likely to be seen on time, (yes that is a big problem in military clinics) and you get out of there at an okay time, so you can get more done in the day. I feel like it just throws your whole day off, when you have an appointment in the afternoon (that's just me). Olivia's appointment went great, and then it was time for shots. Now normally in military clinics when it time for shots they send you off to the Immunisation department, and there is more waiting and such, but this time I was lucky and there were doing them in Pediatrics. Yay! All goes well, and we go home.

Darien's appointment was on Tuesday (of this week, just 2 days ago) at 7:50am. Yes better time. The only down side was I did have to wake up early, but I really don't mind that. The appointment was going fine until the doctor mentions doing some blood work. That's when Darien was like "What's that?" Me explaining things didn't help that much, because then he was nervous. We get done with the doctor and have to go to the lab. We wait for our number and once it is called we sign in, and wait some more (yes it's so much fun waiting). We are finally called, and I go back with Darien, and I bring Olivia. I told Zachary and Nathaniel just to wait there. I didn't want to scar them for life (in case things didn't go so well), and I didn't want to take up the whole room. They were close by and they knew where I was. Darien did great though, after a few ouchies it was all over, and he didn't cry. Yay! so we gather up all of our things and go home once again.

Zachary and Nathaniel's appointments were yesterday (Wednesday), and they weren't right next to each other (oh help me). Zachary's was at 7:50am, and Nathaniel's was at 1:30pm. Yeah that was so much fun. I decided that it would be better if we just stayed there for the day. There is a great playground near the clinic and it's right in font of the lake, and the camp grounds, so there would be enough to do. I checked the weather (and it was going to be awesome), and I packed a lunch for all of us. We go in for Zach's appointment and everything is good. He only needs one shot, but he ended up freaking out once he saw the needle, and he moved, so she had to do it over again (oh the fun). After that I had to go to Administration, because I was missing a piece of Nathaniel's shot record. A piece that is still at the clinic in San Diego. A piece that I have already requested several times before (I hate it when something like this happens). So yeah I fill out the paper work again, and hope that it comes in in-time for Nathaniel's appointment. We head for the playground and wow, they re-did the playground, and it looks awesome (10 times better than before). We had a blast! The new playground was great for all ages. They had ramps so Olivia could just walk on up, and they had big slides and little ones. They had things to hop on and swing on, and the had hand games all over that place (I didn't bring my camera, and I really wish I did). I ended up following Olivia around, and she went everywhere. She loved it! She didn't have to worry about where she was allowed to go. Lunch time came, and Daddy came out to meet us for our picnic lunch. That was great, and so sweet. After lunch everyone need to go to the bathroom (fun), but the bathrooms at the playground were out of order. So we ended up going back to the clinic. After our bathroom break I took the kids to the waiting room near the snack bar (because that one has a tv). I got them a snack and we sat there for an hour, before checking in for Nathaniel's appointment (Olivia fell asleep while we were watching tv). Nathaniel appointment was good, and after I was asked by the doctor to go check to see if his shot record was in. Really!?! Apparently they aren't told when things come in, and they can't call and check (blah). So I go down there and of course it's not in yet, so the only thing left to do is to go home. Neediness to say I will have to go back once the shot record does come in, or at lest call and make sure he is all caught up on all of his shots.

Yeah lots of fun! All I have to say is I'm glad it's over, or mostly over. So for all of you crazy people who can't wait for free health care, this is what you have to look forward to... Enjoy!


  1. I love that they tell you to make sure you check in for your appointment 15 minutes early and then they see you an hour late. :) Glad I only have one kid to take to the clinic!

  2. I totally agree Erin! I'm just thankful that my kids aren't sick all of the time, that would just be horrible.

  3. Just stopping by to say hi! It's nice to see someone as strong in their faith like yourself...I am sure it has helped you get through some nerve-wracking times!