Monday, March 14, 2011

Can't stand game shows these days

Okay so as you can see from the title this post is all about game shows and how I can't stand them anymore. Well let me re-phase that... I can't stand the new ones anymore. I really like the classic ones. I enjoy watching Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Family Feud, but the new ones I can't stand, like Minute to Win it, Million Dollar Money Drop, and Deal or no Deal (I guess that one isn't really new, but whatever). So why do I hate them? Big reason number one, too little action, and too many commercial breaks. You guys all know what I'm talking about. They do like one thing, and then they need to take a break, and it drives me nuts.

Lets do some examples, and we'll start with Deal or no deal. Now this one isn't as bad, well not at first, not until you get close to the end, then it's like... Okay pick a box, and once you are done opening one box (after they take forever to open that one box), it's time for a commercial, then once you get back the banker will finally call and make an offer, but then we have to take another commercial break before finding out whether it's deal of no deal. All of that fluff in between all of that action is what drives me nuts.

Lets do another example, Minute to Win it. It's always only one, one minute challenge then a commercial break (ALWAYS), that drives me nuts, and the challenges are very suspenseful and you want them to win, so your sitting there cringing the whole time. It's very stressful. I hate watching anything stressful! (that's why I can't watch Saw, I'm always rooting for them to escape, and to many bad things happen along the way) And the host with his crazy bleached hair! Blah! (I just can't stand bad hair) (Really can't stand bad hair).

Okay so last example, Million Dollar Money Drop. Now I must confess, before this on came out, and they were showing previews for it, I really wanted to watch it. Why you ask? Well I really like trivia, and with this one it was multiple choice so even if I have no idea what the answer is I can still try out my guessing skills. It was also a lot of random facts and I'm really good at remembering useless random facts. Once again I was disappointed. They ask one question, with four possible answers, then they let the contestants put the money on which ever answer or answers they want. Then there's a big suspenseful pause, and two of the answers drop (so we still don't know that answer, but now there's only two to guess from), now the contestants have the option of putting more money on, but before we find out the answer there's a commercial break. I hate these shows. I think this is why new games show really don't last that long, because we are all fed up. I just need to get rid of tv altogether, and I really won't miss it.

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