Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So what's up Legates'?

So it has been some time since my last real post of what we have been up to lately, so some of you may be wondering what is going on with us. Well for the most part it's just the normal things...


My husband is due to re-enlist soon, as long as everything works out well. We really want to go the way God is pointing us, and that still isn't clear yet, so even though I tell you guys these things, I still don't know for sure. This also makes me think where are we going to go next?

The selfish part of me would like to pick somewhere warmer. Yeah I'm sure you all are guessing San Diego. I would love to go back there, but I'm still not sure about that, and I have gone back and forth on this. I guess it's better if I'm not the one to make the choice, because I really don't know what I want.

I am also afraid about the people I may have offended, by talking about the move so casually and without much feeling. What I mean is there are people here (in this area) who care about us, and don't want us to leave, and I hope they don't think that I'm looking forward to leaving, because I'm not. I just knew that we are going to have to leave so I have detached my feelings, and it makes me sound as if I don't take, and I do. I'm very sorry. Shore duty is only a three year rotation, and even if he didn't re-enlist, the chances of us staying here are slim, because of job availability. So I always knew that we would only be here for 3 years (most likely). Since I knew this for a fact, and I've known this for quite some time, I guess I just assumed that everyone else knew as well (basically I forgot who I told, and who I apparently didn't tell) (yeah okay oops). I've been talking so much with my friends of where I would like to go, and looking back it makes it look like I want to go. Trust me when I say, that if we could stay then we would, as much as I hate the weather here, my family is here and I do wish I could stay for them. I also really dislike moving, but I have no choice. No choice, so yeah once again, I'm very sorry.

This may bring up the question of "Why did you guys buy a house here then?", well our plans for the house extend our time here, and we do want to keep the house and rent it out, for those of you wondering. I thought I should put that out there, because even though no one has asked me that question yet, I know people are thinking it.

So this is what's been on my mind lately, you know that whole here we go again, but not quite. The funny thing is that when it does come time to move next year, and that three year point comes around, it will be the longest that we have lived in any one area since we got married. We lived in Charleston, SC for a year and a half, in Hampton, VA for two and a half years, in San Diego for two years (almost to the date), and for here it will be three. No wonder it's so hard for us to get use to a place.

Vacation Planning!

So I'm not sure if you remember of not, but back in this post I told you guys about our family vacation that we were planning this year, the one we let the kids pick. Well we are leaving in May! We are going to the Outer Banks, and renting a house there for a week. I am very excited! So right at this point (since the house is already booked), I am working on a list of things we will need during our stay. I do find planning fun. I'm looking forward to our vacation, and I can't wait. Boy do I feel like a little kid! I just love uninterrupted time with my husband. Yeah, yeah I know who doesn't?

Well thanks for reading, and I'm sorry I didn't more to tell you. Like I said, nothing but normal over here.

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  1. Josh is taking officer and we are hoping to move back to Hampton/Norfolk area at the end of this year or beginning on next year.