Monday, March 28, 2011

Life is like a bowl of what?

Hey everyone! So it's time once again for a "what is going on post." Well let me see... What have we been up to lately? Well lately it's been a whole lot of planning, because I have a lot of things coming up...

See this is what my calender looks like. (there is a glare on the 15th covering up stuff!) Most of the time this calender is very bare, and only has one or two things on it, but not this month (or months, it has from march 28 to May 1 on it). We are currently planning for a Curriculum fair on the 15th and 16th of April, this is where all of us homeschool moms come to sell and buy gently used books (it's awesome!). The 16th is also the date of my little sister's junior prom (wow she is growing up so fast). So that day is going to be a bit of a juggling act. I have been looking forward to this curriculum fair for months now (yeah that just sounds silly, but it's true) and I'm going with my friend Megan. I also look forward to doing my sister's hair for her big school dances and such. In other worlds I need to do both or else. Ahhh yes life is full of times like this. I am also in the middle of planning our trip to the Outer Banks (I can't wait to go!). There is a lot to plan when it comes to trips (I'm sure you guys all know that), and with this one I also need to plan food, because we are going to be staying at an actual house and it would be easier to eat there for most meals. Our plan is to bring things for all of the breakfast and lunch, and about half of the dinners, because I know we will want to eat out some. We also have Jeremy's sister and parents coming with us, so yes lots to plan. We are all looking forward to it, and can't wait! (the excitement is radiating all through that house). :) 

I just finished report cards for this term! The boys love report cards because they get money for good grades. A=$5, B=$2, and C and on is nothing, but if you get straight A's then you get an extra $5. Zachary got straight A's (woohoo!), and Darien had mostly A's and only one B (needless to say I was very happy, and so was Jeremy). The school work is now almost done, we are running out of work to do. Right now Darien only has Math and Health to finish (yes everything else is done), and Zachary only has Math. I got them some work booklets for the summer months called Bridging the gap (they do in-between like from 1st to 2nd grade, and 3rd to 4th). I may need to use them soon. I don't want then to have to long of a break, and forget to many things.

I went Easter shopping the other day (I love to do that). I brought my kids lovely outfits for Easter Sunday (I do this every year).

 Yeah I love them (and the kids in them too). I got them at Burlington (I love to shop there).

Even the boys were really excited to get something new, and they look great. I like to get the shirt and the tie together, you get a better deal that way, and it's already matched so no worries. I just picked out a few in each of their sizes and let them pick their favorite from those. I must say that for boys they do have good taste. The shirts (w/ tie), only cost me $9.99 each (I love that!). Olivia's dress was $14.99, and yes the boys also helped me with that one (they said that she had to have the prettiest dress there).

I've changed things a bit with the cloth diapers (not much mind you). I have been using both the pocket and the pre-folds. I had to stop with the pre-fold before because of a rash, but I have now found that if I switch back and forth, that there is no rash and I don't have to do laundry as often (yeah for me!). I have also switched to cloth wipes. I didn't however buy them from the website (way to expensive). I just bought a few packs of baby wash cloths, and made up my own spray, with just soap and water (much better) :)

That's all for now, and thanks for reading.

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