Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Last week a terrible thing went through our house... A very terrible thing... Very... Okay I'll stop with the adjectives for now. What was it? Well it was none other than the horrible (another adjective, sorry), Stomach Flu... "NO!"...  "Not that!" Yes that's what it was. I hate the Stomach Flu with a passion. It's one of those things that makes you feel like you are going to die one second, and the next you're fine, and the one after that you're like "ohhhhh help me." It all started with Jeremy (so I think it was him who brought it home from work), on Wednesday night, he wasn't feeling well, and then the throwing up started (oh joy). I got it on Friday morning along with Zachary and Nathaniel. Olivia and Darien both got it on Saturday. Yup it hit all of us. Now when I get sick I'm one of those people who really just likes to sleep it off, and Jeremy was off on Friday (well mostly he worked 2 hours in the morning), so I got a chance to. I think I took 2, 2 hour naps that day, it was nice. That and I went to bed super early (like at 7pm). So I was feeling much better the next day. But you know that's how it goes with the stomach flu, you feel really horrible for about 24 hours, then you feel fine. Well mostly fine, you do still feel weak, and dizzy, because of the lack of nutrients in your system, but compared to how you were feeling... Anyways, I'm just really glad it's over, and I really hope I never get it again... But I'm sure I will. Thanks for reading, and I hope you never get sick.

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  1. Well Randi, I just got done reading your latest blogs which I always enjoy reading, because sometimes they are serious and other times funny but oh so joyful to read. You should be a writer. I love you mommom