Thursday, December 16, 2010

You know...

Hey everyone, I know it has been a couple of weeks since I last posted and I really don't like to go that long if I can help it. Things have been busy around here, so I do have a few things to report.

This is the kids last week of school before the new year, and we actually finished today (yay). So now we get to take it easy for a while. Last weekend was wonderful, my parents took the boys. My mom called saying she wanted to spend some time with them, and she wanted to take them for the whole weekend, so of course I'm going to say yes to that. She picked them up last friday morning, and dropped them off on sunday. The boys were really excited when I told them. So the whole weekend it was just Jeremy, Olivia, and me. Unfortunately Olivia wasn't feeling well, she had a cold, and was very grumpy. Jeremy likes to tell Olivia, every night right before she goes to bed "Good night sweetie, wake up in a few hours so we can play, okay?" and this past weekend, she was listening to him. I really don't mind her waking every few hours, I can take sleep deprivation as long as it doesn't happen all of the time, but I just felt so bad for her. She sleeps really well, and for her not to, means she's not feeling well at all.

When the boys got back they opened the presents from my mom and dad (mom had dropped them off for us to open when we had the chance). The kids loved their gifts, and the boys really like to play with Olivia'a gift. She got this mini kitchen, she loves it, and so do the boys (yeah I don't get it ether). It keeps Olivia happy though, because they play with her more.

I now have a job, well sort of... Yes besides the wonderful job I already have of raising and teaching my four wonderful children... My friend Trudy who now has a job of her own, asked me to drop her two sons off at the bus stop in the mornings, and I get paid for it. I think it's great, and it's not to hard, and I get paid for it. :) Yeah so in other words I'm not complaining.

In other news Zachary is learning to whistle and he's practicing everywhere. Yeah it's getting annoying. I haven't told he to stop, because I know he wants to learn, and I'm glad he's practicing, but I wish I couldn't hear so well. Ear muffs anyone?

We are getting some snow today! Yup it's coming down right now as I type. I hope we get a few inches, the kids really want to have some to play in. They have been looking out the window all day with much excitement, they can't wait to make a snowball.

Well that is all for now, thanks for reading, and  Merry Christmas (if I don't get a chance to write again before Christmas)...

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  1. Nice post, sorry your ears are hurting. Like you said it's great that he is practicing. Merry Christmas!