Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Okay so you see the title, and you may be thinking... "Is this a Harry Potter themed post?" Well not really, you see the title of Dumbledore has become something quite different in our house. Yes Dumbledore in the Harry Potter books, is a hero and a great wizard, but every once in a while (like once in every book), he does something that nearly gets Harry into trouble, or puts him in danger, and that makes him seem like he is off his rocker. So now in our house, if you do something silly and almost stupid you get called a "Dumbledore!" Things that may make you a Dumbledore are... Doing the Laundry, but forgetting to use soap... Pouring 6 glasses of tea, when there is only 5 people... Wearing your muddy shoes on a floor you just cleaned... Yeah you get it. It's those silly things we do all of the time, that make us stop and think "Why did I just do that?"

Back in the day, before we started the Dumbledore calling, we would fire each other, meaning after you did something silly and almost stupid, you were fired. I think when we were moving across country the first time (VA to CA), we fired each other about 500 times. It was all out of love of course. Looking back though I think it was me that did most of the silly and stupid things. That's okay though, because I always learn from my mistakes, and I don't really let them bother me to much... Not really...

Okay well I don't mean to tarnish the name of Dumbledore, but it does seem to fit. He's one of those characters you love and hate at the same time. Why oh why Dumbledore did you ever think that 3 little kids should be the ones to save the sorcerer's stone?

So the next time you do something silly and stupid think "Dumbledore!"

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