Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Love days off

Well it has been some time since my last post, and things have been for the most part normal. Not complaining though, I love normal. I mean who doesn't? We went two family dinners since my last post and they were fun. So I had no need to worry. First was my Parents', that was on the 14th. Mom had it early, because my grandmother and grandfather (my mom's mom and dad) were both leaving for Florida (they live there during the winter). The food was great (I love thanksgiving food), and there was a lot of people there. The second was Jeremy's parents' dinner, and that was on thanksgiving day. Once again great food, but a smaller crowd. Jeremy and his sister Christen were cracking jokes the whole time, and it was funny. The boys had a wonderful time at both grandparents' houses and they ate a lot.

Because of the holidays coming and going, I made off time on our homeschooling. Right now I am enjoying that thoroughly. Don't get me wrong I love homeschooling, but this time off has been really nice. Really, really nice. It's nice to be able to give the kids more free time, and to give me, more me time. We are starting school back up next week for two weeks, then we will be off again. I just love hear the kids playing and running around the house. The days have been cold and today is rainy, so it's nice to just sit inside and relax, and if possible grab some snuggle time with the kids. :)

Lately we have been working on the boys computer skills. It's been going great! The boys can now go on the computer and the Internet without help. Most of the time they just get on iTunes and watch Star Wars The Clone Wars. Darien likes to check amazon five times a day, just to see if the price of Hogwarts castle has gone down any.

We have also started to give the boys an allowance. Five days a week the boys help with chores, and at the end of the week they get five dollars. With this money they can buy things they want (within reason). We also taught them about tax, and when buying things you must always remember to take that into account. The first week, they spent all of their money (no big surprise there), but they have since been saving. They all want big things, and they now realize they will never be able to get them unless they save. Darien wants a DS and Hogwarts castle, Zachary would also like a DS, and Nathaniel wants a power wheels (and I hope he changes his mind about that one). Darien was so excited yesterday, when he found a used DS online for sixty dollars. "It will only take me three months to make that" he said. This has stopped them from asking us for things, but it has started them showing us lots of things online. It's funny how they are so sure that one day they will have all of these things. I believe reality has not set in yet. Maybe some day...

Well that all for now, like I said things are pretty normal. Thanks for reading.


  1. It's nice to have days were you can do whatever. I love having a break for everyday life. I hope your holidays are the best.

  2. Elizabeth West : You should get the boys a webkinz each for Christmas. With the little stuffed animals comes a virtual one they can take care of for a year online, by playing games and answering trivia etc. They can even take their pets to each other's "house." Vincent LOVED his Webkinz at that age, and I had one too. Honestly, even I liked some of the games. Oh, and they're pretty cheap. $8-$25 each, depending on the pet.