Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tag you're it!

Okay so the kids now have a bus stop, and every morning before school while waiting for the bus, all of the kids play... Tag! and it is starting to drive me nuts, because its every day. This all started on the kids' second day at their new school (just a few weeks ago). Zachary said to me "Mommy I would like to play with these kids." and I said, "Well why don't you say hi to them and tell them your name, and ask them if they want to play." Right away (not even waiting a minute to think), Zachary walks up to the closest girl (who look to be in the 2nd or 3rd grade), and says "Hi I'm Zachary! Do you wanna play with me?" and she says "Sure!", and so he tags her and says "you're it." And that's that. So every day it's Tag, Freeze tag, or Toilet freeze tag. Yeah I'm not kidding. Have you ever heard of it? Well I hadn't until last week. Once you are tagged, you freeze, but you stick your arm out, and then you wait for someone to flush you (by pushing down your arm)(I'm not kidding), then you turn around 3 times (because you are being flushed), and then you can run again. No my kids did not make this up (thank goodness). It's crazy, and why would you feel the need to play tag this way? Is it just because it has the word toilet is in the name? And where is the kid who made this up? I guess you would have to be a kid to understand it, maybe. But if you ask me, all of the time you take spinning around 3 times, runs the risk of you getting tagged again. Right? I mean you might as well be frozen the whole game.

Okay so because all of this tag has been driving me nuts, I have been trying to leave the house later than normal, that way we have less time for tag, but it is written in me to be early (for everything), I have a hard time being late for anything. The most I can sit around and wait to go is just a few minutes, and than I get worried, and feel like I have to leave the house right now. I also really hate being late (it has only happened a few times in my life), but if I tell someone a curtain time, and I'm late (even by a few minutes, I feel really bad). Okay well, if I'm going to be that way than I guess I'm going to have to put up with all of the tags, for now.


  1. I think the tag game is cute! Toilet tag! At least they are using their imaginations. So many kids don't run and play anymore (I know your kids are really good at playing though). Why don't you try introducing them to other games we played as kids: red light, green light or Mother May I? That last one is always fun because then they get to dot he whole giant steps, baby steps, jumps, backwards walking etc. At least they aren't playing Red Rover Red Rover, I always got hurt at the game.

  2. Some new games would do us some good, at this point anything is better than tag. ;)