Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coffee bad!

Okay so I don't drink that much coffee, but I do like it every once and a while, but it makes me really hyper. I end up talking a lot and bouncing off the walls, from just one small cup, well most of the time, but not the other day. Monday Jeremy came home around lunch time, it was a short day for him, and he got both him and me a coffee on the way home. He got us both a small White Chocolate Mocha (very yummy). I drank mine with my lunch, but after lunch I started to not feel so well. I was having muscle aches, they weren't that bad at first... But as the day went on, it got worse, and I started to get a head ache and chills. It was really bad! All I wanted to do is lay in bed. So I asked Jeremy to look up my symptoms on I wanted to make sure I didn't have some crazy flu. Flu was one of the possibilities with all of my symptoms, but so was excessive caffeine use (so said Wow really?? And it did all start right after that coffee, and the next morning I was feeling much better, so I guess so... But it's still a little crazy. I mean I know Starbucks coffees have more caffeine than other coffees, but that much more. I have also had Starbucks a lot of times before this, and nothing like this ever happened. Needless to say, I'm going to lay off coffee for now, because I never want to feel like that again.

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