Monday, March 8, 2010

All moved in!

Yay, we are finally in our new house! We have been here for a week, and we love it. The packing and moving, and the unpacking was not fun at all, but it is finally over. I'm so happy! Last week was a very busy week for me, and I'm so glad it's over. I had the unpacking, the last inspection on our old house in fort meade, register the kids in their new school, and getting that cable set up. The cable guy didn't show up the first time, so I have to reschedule. So far I really like the community we are in, but I haven't really met anyone yet. The boys are now going to a new school, and riding the school bus. Zachary really likes the bus, and he was so excited, because he had never done that before. This week should be an easy week for me, I don't have too much on my plate like I did last week. The only out of the ordinary thing this week is Olivia has an appointment Thursday, and I have some cleaning to do. Yup already, gotta love the kids.

On the bright side though having 4 kids isn't as hard as I thought it would be. Sure I'm busy, but it's busy in a good way, and I am really enjoying it. Olivia fits right in with our crazy little family, and she is a joy just like her brothers. She is now only waking up once a night, around 2am, and that's after going to bed at 9pm. She wakes up for the day at 6am, which is when I need to get up anyways. My mornings are busy, but I'm more of a morning person anyways. So that all for now. Thanks for reading!

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  1. 'm so happy for you and Jeremy for all you have accomplished with having four children and now you're in your new house.At such a young age thats great.I can't wait to see it and my new great grandaughter. love mommom