Saturday, December 27, 2014

We've moved... but don't get to excited

We are now back in Military housing and we are also still in Washington, for those of you wondering if we have moved out of the area yet. We still haven't heard any news from the Navy about moving out of state. We moved backing into housing because our house sold pretty quick, and we can now just waiting out the news here, on where we are going next.

This week has been a crazy, busy week. It all started on Sunday (the 21st) when Jeremy and I picked up the U-haul. We we loaded up a 17ft truck with as much as we could fix, so Jeremy could drive it to the lease singing the next day (Monday the 22nd), so we could start unloading it right away. Then it was back to the old house for the second load. Yup two loads and hours of back breaking work, but we did it. I'm still not sure how. After the first load was out of the truck, I was done. I didn't want to move another muscle. The Lord must have blessed me with strength at that point, because we did keep going, and like I said, we did finish. Tuesday (the 23rd), was spent cleaning the old house, and getting any little things we had left behind.

We've been back a few times to our old house this week, to check the mail, and Olivia gets upset every time we drive down that street saying "No, we live in the new house now, not here." Yes she really likes the new place. She was so thrilled when we started unpacking her stuff, and kept saying to every stuffed animal that she unpacked "You made it! You made it to the new house." I'm relieved that she feels this way. I was worried that leaving our old house would upset her. Yes we are military and yes we do move all of the time, but last time we moved was two years ago, and Olivia was only two, and was probably to young to be attached to a house. I guess what I should really worry about is if she will want to move again in the next few months. :P

We lost some square footage moving here (only 700 ish), but I'm really impressed on how we are making it work, and I guess we are just going to have to become closer. :)

Christmas Eve and Christmas were wonderful. We got to stay home (in our new home), and chill. We made cookies on Christmas eve, and on Christmas day Jeremy made us sausage gravy. We played a lot of Minecraft and watched Home Alone. It's was the kids first time watching it, and they loved it.

I hope everyone had an awesome Holiday. Happy New Year!

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