Monday, December 15, 2014

Deep Breaths :)

Hi everyone! I have a little to update you guys on, and since a little is better than nothing at all, I decided to write a blog post.

I need to first start by thanking all of you prayer worriers out there. God has really come through for us this week. We have to get some repairs to our (soon to be their) chimney, and after the inspector came and we finally got an estimate a week later, and it was over $5,000. Yes, wow! This was just something we could not afford. You can imagine the stress and worry that took place in the days that followed. We really didn't know what to do. Our real estate agent suggested that he could try and work something out with the buyers. See what they thought about it, and wanted to do, and see if they were willing to cover some of the cost. Well it really payed off because they were, and they also wanted to change some things about the fireplace anyways. This decision cut our cost in half, and that was something we could afford and are more than willing to pay for. So once again a big thank you to all who have been praying for us. Words can't describe how relieved and thankful I am.

We are moving back into military housing a week from now, so I'm going to be really busy this week finishing all of the packing. Fun! Lets just say that's there is more to do than I care to think about. I've gotten the house about a third of the way packed, so yes still two thirds to go. I Think Olivia thought I canceled Christmas when I packed up the Christmas tree last week. I'm sorry to say that it was the first thing I packed, and we decided that even after we move we aren't getting it back out again this year. I know, it does seem somewhat sad, but all you need to have a good Christmas is just each other, and I can say that we are more than blessed in that department.

We still have no news about our final destination, so if you could keep the prayers coming, and pray for news, than that would be great. We really can't move forward until we have news. Jeremy needs news before he can apply for jobs.
I made this map after looking up all of the different Homeschool laws from all of the 50 states. Yes every state has different laws and some states are easier to homeschool in than others. Since homeschooling is my number one priority right now, I would like to move to a state that is very homeschool friendly. If anyone were to ask me right now what state I wanted to move to the most. I would say Texas, because they have awesome homeschool laws. That may shock a few people because I have said for years now, that given the choice I would move back to San Diego. I still love that city and it is still my most favorite place, but it's just to expensive. I still count myself as a San Diegan (even though I was born and raised 3,000 miles away from it) and yes if money weren't an issue I would move there in a heartbeat and have someone explain the homeschool laws to me (because I found California's laws a bit confusing). I do feel though, that I could also grow to love another city just as much, if given the chance.

Well that's all I have for now please keep praying for news and, I'll tell you once we have some.

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