Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall is finally here!

Yay! I was getting a little tired of the hot summer weather, that we get here on the east coast. I was also waiting with excitement to wear my fall and winter clothes, and I am happy to say that for past 2 days I have been wearing things from my winter wardrobe. Today in this...

Yes it is cute. I have been waiting to wear it.

Last week on the way to Jeremy's parents house, we bought pumpkins, for us to paint, like we did last year. The pumpkins are half price over there (compared to how they are over here). Yeah Wow. I'll post pictures of the paining of the pumpkins once we do them, but here are the pictures from last year...

I'm excited about trick or treating! This year we are all going together, not that I mind just sitting at home and handing out candy, it's just not as fun. This year we are all going together, even little Olivia has a costume. Darien and Zachary are power rangers, Nathaniel is Bat Man, and Olivia is a ladybug. I was just going to wear my Pooh Bear ears, and go as Pooh again, and Jeremy was joking that he was going to be a Sailor.

Tonight we plan on going to Awana, at our new church, for the first time. I'm excited, and I'll tell you how it turns out. Not much else to say, thanks for reading, will write again soon!