Friday, October 29, 2010

Christmas Decorating

Okay so I know what you are thinking... "It's way to early to decorate for Christmas." Well not in my house where I'm in-charge of the decorating. I like to put it up early so I can enjoy it longer. It makes me happy. I'm not much of a Halloween decorator, sure I like the holiday, I just feel like it's way over done. So most years once I get enough of all of the Halloween going on, I put up my Christmas tree.

Yesterday was mostly a cleaning day for me. The house was awful and I needed to get it back on track. I recruited the boys to help me, and they did a great job, so to reward all of us I got out the Christmas tree. We got out the tree, set it up, plugged it in, and nothing (good thing we didn't decorate it first). It was so sad. We have a per-lit tree and none of the lights were working (*cry*). I had gotten this tree from Target  only 2 years ago. My mom bought a Target tree the same year I did, and hers messed up much sooner, so I knew it was coming. We put our sad faces aside, and I got out the Santa's Workshop. It's a set that was given to us by Jeremy's parents, he use to help set it up as a kid. And it was broken (*cry* again). It wasn't to bad, nothing a little glue won't fix, but it was so sad. So with our decorating going nowhere, the kids and I set out to buy a new Christmas tree. We went to Wal-mart. Our last tree, the one before the Target one, was a pre-lit tree from wal-mart, and it lasted for 5 years (good track record). We found one for $68, and that's a get price for a 6ft tree. We also bought some ribbon, and garland. We got home and began to decorate. YAY!! I'm so happy that we didn't have anymore disappointments. So all is well, and my house looks great, and I am super happy. Word of advice... "Never buy a target tree." Thanks for reading!

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