Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hello! Well things have still been pretty normal around here for the most part. You know how things can get?...

So Sunday I tried out a new church, I know I said (some post ago), that I had found a church, and my search was over. I think that I just wanted the search to be over so much, and I was trying to hard to like that place. I'm not saying that there was something wrong with that church, its just I didn't fit in there. I was very different from everyone else, and I just don't think they understood me. I'm also not too fond of trying out churches. In most cases it turns out really good, or really bad. You walk in and no one notices you, or everyone does. You feel really welcome, or like your not supposed to be here. You agree with all of what the Pastor is saying, or nothing at all. Even if everything goes well, the first Sunday is also just a trial, you still don't really know if you should go there. What if the people were just acting nice? They still don't really know you... Yes I'm sure you get it... It's not fun...

Okay you get the picture... I guess I'm just really picky when it comes to churches. I want to feel like I belong, I want a good children's program, I want a Pastor that can teach me something, and I want to be able to make new friends! Is it selfish of me, to want that? Being a stay at home, and homeschooling mom, makes it hard to meet new people and make new friends, but I need to (for me). My past experience with that, has shown me, that one of the best places to make new friend is at church (am I awful for that?). I have run into a lot of fake friends in the past. These people act nice, but then talk about you behind your back, and or only call you when they need something. Most of the time all these people do is complain and gossip. They have nothing encouraging to say ever! Hint if this sounds like you, then you really aren't a good friend (I'm just saying). Sorry to be so bold in this post, but it's the truth.

So this new church I'm going to is Arundel Baptist Church. Back when my kids took Karate I was invited there by one of the parents. I know it took me long enough to use that invite... Everyone was very nice, and they made me feel welcome. They have a great children's program, and they have Awana on Wednesday nights. The kids are excited to go back, and so am I. They also have some fun activities planed for the month of October... They are doing a Fall Festival Trunk or Treat... You dress up, decorate your car, and bring candy. It's on the 30th, I have no idea how I would ever start to decorate my car, (a.k.a. Mini Van named Phantom) but I do want to go.

So on other news... Jeremy is only a few weeks from a trip to San Diego! How did this happen? He has just recently been offered that Nuc coordinator position, and there is going to be a conference in San Diego next month. I know, lucky! Yes I did just get to go myself, so I shouldn't be jealous (shouldn't be...). I'm happy he gets to go, and he is happy to. He is also really excited about being the Nuc coordinator.

Yesterday, Jeremy and I got to go on a date. Yeah I know... Since when does this ever happen? He got off of work early, and we drove to his parents' house. They watched the kids for us, and we went to see a movie, and out to dinner. We saw The Other Guys... Not a very good movie, but it had some funny things in it. We ate at Old Mill Crab House! I was born in Maryland, so I love Crabs. It was wonderful!! Thank you Mom and Dad for watching the kids!! I love you!!

Well that's all for now, thanks for reading.

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  1. You are so right about fake friends... They only call when they need something...d: