Monday, November 1, 2010

Bones and Kettle Corn

So last Thursday (the 14th), Jeremy had a class and had to say over night in Philadelphia. I love to watch Bones, however Jeremy doesn't like it much, so on the Thursday nights that he is home, I just skip it and watch it on hulu the next day. So last Thursday I was super excited, because I would be able to watch Bones on the night it aired, without hearing "Oh no were watching this?" My plan was to put that kids to bed turn on Bones, and pop some Kettle pop corn. Once I started flipping through the channels however, I soon dicovered that there wasn't any Bones, there was only MLB play-offs (sad). I hadn't pop my pop corn yet (thank goodness), and I thought about still doing it and eat it while playing warcraft, but decided that I wasn't hungry enought to eat the whole thing, and it's a crime to waste kettle pop corn, and it just a bad idea. I just can't live with myself knowing that I had wasted kettle corn

When I was telling all of this to Jeremy, and I mentioned to him about wasting kettle corn, and everything else, he laughed and said "So if you were applying for a loan and they bring up your credit history, it's going to have in red letters '"Can't be trusted wasted kettle corn!"' Exactly!

So don't go wasting Kettle corn, it's just a bad idea.


  1. My husband ALWAYS complains when I turn on NCIS on Tuesday nights. So I DVR it and watch it later.

  2. I don't have DVR :( ... That's a great Idea though.